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3. is not true. You can have blogs in multiple domains under the 'unlimited number of blogs' account. Indeed you CAN map multiple domains to different blogs under THE SAME account, f.i. you can have www.whateveritmightbe.com and www.whateveritshouldbe.com etc. etc. blogs... under THE SAME TP account name.

Prokofy Neva

On typepad, no, there is no way to log into one page that shows ALL your blogs.

It shows your main blog and sub-blogs under that name, like Second Thoughts. But it can't show another account that you had to make under another name to generate a URL name (which isn't really a domain name, it's just a mask covering up whatever generic typepad has).

So no, you're wrong. Maybe other services enable you to log in and open up, say 10 different Live Journal accounts with different user names and log-in names if they are all yours under your information, but I sincerely doubt it.

So sure you can map what you want. But we're not talking about tekkies with their own servers and websites and programming and HTML skills.

We're talking about the simple for-dummy services that Typepad offers for its dummies. On that menu and template, I can't log in multiple log-ins. Indeed, they probably can't do that for security reasons.


Prokofy, I have this type of account.
Here's what you need to do:
1. Log-in. All of your blogs are in 'Weblogs' tab. You can create as many of them as you want by clicking 'Create a new weblog' (white on green, upper right corner).
2. Each of them can have a DIFFERENT/separate domain name assigned (maped) to it. I can ask my webmaster to write you the instruction if you need it.

We have 3 support sites built in the same TP account with different domain names.

You don't need to have many accounts. One 'unlimited' is enough for all your needs.

Prokofy Neva


You're still not getting it, and you're not getting it because you imagine you know better.

I realize -- can I say this for the 3rd time now -- that I can access all my weblogs under one account -- I have probably 6 of them, most unused, under "Second Thoughts". So I have secondhtoughts.typepad.com/ravenglassrentals
or whatever.

I got all that, and any dummy can get that.

And duh, you can create as many as you want, and duh, I did that. Duh.

Now please pay attention because you have failed to do 3 times already, stuck with two problems: a) tekkie literalism b) superiority problem.

If I want a blog that says not Second Thoughts but SL Record, I'm stuck with having to *create a new account with that name that has a separate user name and log in*.

There is no workaround.

Otherwise I have to make a site using the weblogs area and "make as many as you want" that will look like this:


But I want it to be:


And that requires a whole new account, which I then have to pay for to get it to have that name.

Oh, sure, perhaps smart people with programming skills can remap stuff on the HTML templates or something, I have no idea.

But I'm an ordinary person using the regular instant templates, not mapping or anything of the sort. I'm making blogs that it generates.

And it can't generate to me three blogs:


that I can access with ONE panel and one log in and user name, so that I can manage them all at once on one panel.

It's just that simple.

Razrcut Brooks

I think Alex was only trying to help and I saw now superiority complex in the above 2 comments. However, you know him better than I do.

My complaint with Typepad is "stay logged in for 2 weeks" never lasts 2 weeks. Anyway, I enjoy Second Thoughts and look forward to reading the new, RL oriented blog.

Razrcut Brooks

*no superiority (not "now" )


Oh! Oh! I understand what you mean now. Well... as I said you can do it with a little help of any web-master EXCEPT for the case when you want to stay within the 'typepad.com' second level domain. With other domain(s) (they are $5-6 per year a piece, btw) it can be done (with some professional help I guess).

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