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Crap Mariner

"My ass isn't big enough to take Philip's hand up"

Yeah, that was the deal with Disney when Eisner was around, but it was Senator Mitchell that was his puppet.

Here's hoping that M establishes an identity fast and can run a company instead of just run the folks running image campaigns.

Ciaran Laval

M as in Bond's boss? Does this mean Philip is Bond? Or Robin?

Anyway he seems to recognise the importance of listening to customers, something Linden Lab have lost sight of on a rapid scale since the turn of the year.

Carl Metropolitan

I mentioned this on the SL blog, but it bears repeating. The Reuters article on the new LL CEO mentions that, “Kingdon described himself as an occasional Second Life user who created the avatar Marcus Voom in January, 2007.”

I hope that means, that as a SL user (even an occasional one) he's seen Linden Lab from the other side of the monitor, and can help identify what needs to be fixed vis-a-vis from the perspective of a SL resident.


M as in Media Guy...
Good for the Content/ Service sellers.
Bad for the server resellers-)

Time to white wash the Picket Fences, Prok:) Servers to continue to drop in prices---

Service and Unique value added Propositions per communities.

This will be his desire, will it be the reality? Well, time will tell.


Ric Mollor

I certainly hope that he knows how to clean house and is quick to do so. The level of service (both functional and in support) provided by Second Life has declined to below laughable and is certainly the worst of _any_ project I have seen that has marketed itself as a consumer level product.

Has there ever been a product as dysfunctional as Second Life that has went on to succeed and then even dominate it's market segment?

Perhaps some Microsoft offerings that had the benefit of a huge warchest of funding behind them.

But others? Quickly gone and remembered by only a few shortly after their passing.


M as in "Mwahahahahaha! Soon your hippy ways of free fun will be over and you wil pay, pay, PAY I tell you!"

That's my guess, anyhoo.


Is it really HB? My impression is that nothing will change.

Prokofy Neva

You know, I don't understand what is meant by "declining level of service". This sounds to me like a rising tide of expectations.

If you are a Concierge customers, $125 or over, the Lindens have staffed up and provide real-time fast and efficient service now.

So I imagine those complaining are those under $125? Or, as I see, even those paying far more tier than I do, who bitch in the Concierge group that the Lindens are jackbooted Nazis (?!) because they...failed to facilitate a resident-to-resident sale of islands, where one party didn't have enough money to pay the other party for his island lol. I mean, as I said in the group, I'm all for bashing Lindens, but it has to be for *cause* -- otherwise, you look like a douche.

Complaint systems often don't work for people for two reasons:

o they don't know how to make their complaint coherently, using the interface and the language of the complaint system. So they write "fix my land moar fuck u" and they expect someone to just read their mind

o what they're complaining about is not fixable by the system -- i.e. island fraud. There is an awful lot of that, and the Lindens remain resolute in refusing to deal with it. But as they did finally with copyright, what they need to do is make sure that they've gathered all the troubleshooting advice and warnings in one place, and guided people constantly to read the info and try to help themselves outside the system -- it's far from perfect, and only a fraction of complainers will benefit from this additional layer, but every little bit helps

o The Lindens finally did put the billing system for Americans back in America, I'm told, and that should supposedly remove this total idiocy where banks and credit cards and PayPal weren't accepting the charges from this entity -- but...I don't think it's happening. I think they need to police this kind of problem remorselessly

Where I think they have really fallen down again on the job is griefing and governance. I think the department doesn't have leadership. Michael Linden is moved to content production (DPW) and only half there it seems but not replaced. The Lindens have moved away from a one-person/one problem dynamic in governance, and only started watching clusters of problems.

So unless you and 20 of your friends on 20 sims are "crowd-wising" them relentlessly with ARs about self-replicating prims, they will ignore you.

Even for Concierge customers, they give a big yawn to even the most egregious things -- you try live, with tickets, with ARs, and you can't get a simple thing like a giant sign removed saying you need psychiatric help, etc. (just took 3 weeks removing that from a land griefer, one of the ad extortionists who stalks me and harasses me regularly).

To be sure, the system is really a daunting problem, as I believe there is a significant percentage of revenge ARing (Daniel Linden used to claim not, but I don't believe him) that is hard to sort out from the he-said/she-said, and there are also lots of stupid tree-waving sort of complaints, or complaints that again, don't fit in the system ("she has red ban lines up against me").

There's lots of things one could think of to fix some of these problems but again -- I don't spend time brainstorming and engaging with Lindens these days. I don't see the value-add. They aren't going to implmement changes from the bottom or middle. When they have better leadership that makes a few strategic considerations and provides some strategic guidance, then it might change.

I'm not going to sit around talking retention techniques with people who send the lion's share of the newbies to the city sims to fall into the canals and wander aimlessly -- just so they can build up traffic and eyeballs to sell their city condos.

Tammy Nowotny

Ric Mollor asks: "Has there ever been a product as dysfunctional as Second Life that has went on to succeed and then even dominate it's market segment?"

Yes: The Windoze operating system. The Republican/Democratic Party. The Ford Pinto. Prozac. American Airlines. To name just a few.

But to get back to M...

Marcus Voom is a familiar name. I may have to look him up. M Linden is a hard name to look up because the search engine can't find him (unless you use the "All(Old)" tab. In fact, only Lindens are allowed to have one letter names. (The only one aside from M with such a name who I know of is Q Linden, who is a Boston-based programmer who works on the Windlight atmospheric rendering system.)

Oddly, there are two semi-famous tycoons named Mark Kingdon. Our Mark Kingdon is Mark D. Kingdon, the marketing and accounting guru. The hedge fund guru (who is on the board of my alma mater, Columbia) is Mark E. Kingdon. (I think I got the initials right.) Judging by their respective pix, they may very well be related :-)

Corcosman Voom

"the whole Grid is abysmal."

Oh, puh-leeze. That's a pointless exaggeration. Abysmal compared to what? Its flawless past performance?

"paying customers will vote by taking their real money out of your virtual world as soon as a viable alternative arrives."

I certainly would consider it. But I don't see it on the horizon.

What I see in the news are, on the one hand, corporations getting bonds issued for their version of HelloKittyWorld or "online shopping experiences" and, on the other hand, the opensource vision of "there is no inworld currency here".

The closest thing I have seen to competition for the "world" of SL is Prokofy's reports on what is happening with EA-Land.

What I found interesting in Kingdon's bio is that he took over the CEO spot at Organic, a job previously held by the company's founder, after the dot com crash when things were at a very low ebb and re-built the company.


the massage...
cant you feel their little fingers?..



twitter too...lol
post was meant for that thread. works fine here as well..

sad but true.

Randall Wilson

MK will not have much trouble dealing with Phillip. MK starting burnishing his butt kissing skills very early on in his career. He did free baby sitting on Saturdays for a female partner to curry favor. He became a world class butt kisser and was notorious for it at PWC.

Ishtara Rothschild

Khamon wrote:
"You know, I don't understand what is meant by "declining level of service". This sounds to me like a rising tide of expectations.

If you are a Concierge customers, $125 or over, the Lindens have staffed up and provide real-time fast and efficient service now."

I am a concierge customer, and it's true that there's a fast and efficient live chat now - when land-related questions and problems are concerned, that is. The live concierge support stays clear of all other SL troubles.

Lost half your inventory? The live chat doesn't care. Your products that used to work fine yesterday are suddenly broken now? Sorry, we can't help with such issues. Your 250,000 L$ classified ad was deleted without a refund because it showed a prim nipple? Write a ticket like everyone else.
If you then do write a ticket and politely ask why you get punished for showing adult content in mature classifieds, the support staff will have a closer look at the ad in question, tell you that you really can't show mature things in mature ads anymore - and ban you for three days.

That's not what I call satisfying customer support. Recently, a customer contacted me several weeks after a purchase had vanished from his inventory. He waited that long because he (rightfully) thought that this was an SL bug and therefore LL's fault, and contacted them first before he IMed me. When he finally received an answer to his ticket, it said that there was no such problem and it must have been a flaw of my product.
That's the level of support Joe non-concierge Public gets. Well, at least he wasn't banned for asking a question, unlike me.

Khamon Fate

Ishtara, you were quoting Prokofy, not me. I only said "My impression is that nothing will change."

Prokofy Neva

I think if you've made a good-faith effort to make an ad that isn't really hugely gross (as so many are attempting to get space in mature classifieds) and you really truly only do have "one nipple," then you might be entitled to ask for a refund, but Lindens generally don't do refunds.

I'm not aware of any elaborate guidelines from them available instantly to the user within the interface that tell you how to make a mature ad.

If they mean to say "warning, you can advertise mature parcels but only with PG ads," damn, that needs to go in an interface message. Who knew?

There are elaborate warnings like that on the web page for events. They should move classifieds to the web page and have it managed there, and that way they can put in more warnings and facilitate refunds too.

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