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ichabod Antfarm

I did not know The Sojourner. Your words made me wish I had.

It isn't "just a game", is it?

Thank you, Prokofy.

Skylark Thibedeau

Its far from a game. Since I started I've met 3 people behind the avi's who were dying in real life and indeed one just passed on May 28th. Indeed one of the Vulcan's in a Trek sim I frequent suffered a stroke in real life out of the blue and like Tim Russert today passed on to the Third Life unexpectedly.

Second Life is a great way to have one more chance to live a 'normal' life before passing out of first life. A very good way to say "Goodbye".

I'm currently writing a story where a multiverse philanthropist who is dying tries to keep her work alive by training a noob to take over her life. I hope to explore issues of life and death if only for my own enjoyment.

Vulcan Viper

I can only echo the words of ichabod Antfarm. Do you, Prokofy, remember where the first picture was taken? If not, then does any reader recognize the location?

I offer you a Vulcan Prayer:
May your death bring you the peace you never found in life.

Prokofy Neva

The first picture was taken on the sim Sojourner used to run. I don't know if this is still kept up. For awhile the group did keep running it.

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