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Prokofy Neva

Oh, I have an update already for FIC 2.5 -- Ugotrade -- her name in Second Life is Tara5 Oh.

AND a Noosphere update: Crap Mariner.

Additions welcome!


Is it bad that I pronounce it Fetid Inner Core?

Prokofy Neva

Yes, that's an error a lot of people make because they don't understand what the word "Feted" which comes from the French "fete" or "celebration" means. "Fetid" means they are mouldering and they stink. It's another spin on the concept, but not one I use very often.

Rebecca proudhon

Wake me when it's over.......

Or if they IPO. I hope it's a hostile takeover.

Kryss Wanweird

"FIC -- which rhymes with "bike" and not "Bic""


Seems logical that it should rhyme with "Bic" not "bike", since the "I" stands for "inner" as in "dinner" and not as in "kind".


Prokofy Neva

It's because I say so, Kryss : )

Kryss Wanweird

Fine, that means I'm right :P

Prokofy Neva

No, because I invented it : )

Dirk Talamasca

Awww man.... and the blog was getting good the past few days too. Oh, well.. check again later.



Kryss Wanweird

Your word, your imagination?


Prokofy Neva

Another disgruntled customer, mad that he isn't on at least SOME list!

Dirk Talamasca

Hook us up, Prok!

Tell us what the big announcement is. At least that way, they can spend time hunting down whomever it was that stole their shit. Maybe then they will understand what it is like for residents to spend all that time tracking down the people that stole THEIR shit.

Ann Otoole

Sigh. I'll never make any list.


Desmond Shang

Prok, you forgot Travis and Mera again.

I don't have stats handy, but BanLink has become practically institutionalised and more widespread than you'd think.

Right on the money with Carl Metropolitan too - he's a rising star.

And Dirk, I hear ya, though I doubt many will understand the reference here.

Prokofy Neva

No, I didn't forget them. They don't qualify. Travis BTW is pretty much out of SL for personal reasons. Mera is pretty much invisible, so if YOU want her on YOUR Noosphere list, put her on; I don't care for the Shelter, as they were the ones to bring Ban-Link to SL, and if anything, I'd put them on 2.1. In fact, it IS institutionalized, even Lindens use it, and that's a BAD THING as far as I'm concerned, I've blogged about this many times before.

Yes, Carl now qualifies as FIC. It shows that after all, we do have a meritocracy, that some people can achieve FICness by long hard work and patience with Lindens.

Desmond, you need to suck up more and you may get on 2.5 next year.

Er, the big announcement is who is on the FIC 2.5 list! Ta-da!

moo Money

I'm really disappointed that my new fake wife, Money Moo, didn't make the list. She runs the Bayjou Theater in Bay City.

Not really. Carry on.


Hmm. I always thought FIC meant Festering In Chains..

Festering: From fester ( a suppurating sore : pustule)

In Chains :Self absorbed pride chains the person's soul into the darkness? ..no?

..but seriously, I am glad to see Light Waves be recognized. He seems to stay behind the scenes and yet still have a huge impact in SL with his sculptures.

--Razrcut Brooks

Gigs Taggart

"And yes, again, but some of them sleep their way to the top."

You said you weren't going to tell anyone about our special night.

Travis Lambert

While its quite true I'm mostly out of SL for personal reasons, I am 'plugged in' in a limited sense:

I only pop in-world these days to take care of BanLink issues, and once in a while to say hello to old friends. I post to the forums occasionally, and regularly browse the SL-Media (this blog included).

The time away has definitely given me a different perspective on things, because I'm not as emotionally invested in Second Life as I once was. Still, I feel a commitment to both the projects I helped create: the Shelter & BanLink, and seem to suffer from an unshakable desire to finish what I started. Unless I get hit by a bus, I'm committed to each being around as long as people feel a need for them.

Point of note: BanLink was originally created in 2006 to link the ban lists between the Shelter & NCI only. Because we attracted a similar audience, we began noticing a repeat pattern of griefers as well. I represented the Shelter, and Mera represented NCI from a technical perspective - so that's where the connection originates from.

The idea of creating a 'trust' based system with multiple participating venues was a complete afterthought - but due to the after-effects of 6/6/06 - it seemed like a logical next-step at the time. For better or worse, Pandora's box has been open ever since. To this day we've stayed committed to the non-interference policy, and I firmly believe the trust-system works; albeit sometimes slower than I'd like.

The Shelter was turned over to a board of Coordinators over a year ago, all of whom had a long history of involvement with the Shelter. I've empowered the board to be self-sufficient, and have successfully weaned them off of needing me to make decisions. While I still pop in from time to time, and everyone still considers me the 'Founder', its become much more of an honorary title rather than an active one. Much of the community that inhabits the Shelter these days doesn't even know who I am.

So, while the Shelter & BanLink are two projects I indeed helped create, they are fundamentally different tangents of my SL experience, and really only one do I consider myself actively involved in. I'm not much for astrology - but I suppose its no mistake that I'm a Gemini in RL ;)

Prokofy Neva

The Ban-Link is not a trust system, Travis. It's an untrust system. It causes stampeding behaviours, false positives, political banning, and can't help against the day-olds problem.

It also prevents people from working on the harder problem of why people behave badly.

Paisley Beebe

Gees I was in the FIC and out of it before I even knew..ah well easy come easy go as they say. One day cock of the wall next day a feather duster,....ahhh chooo!

Prokofy Neva

No, you're still in the FIC, Paisley, not to worry, you're just in an earlier edition, not 2.5, and who knows, that may turn out to be less crashy and buggy : )

What can I tell you, more inworld events, links on blogs, lunch up the right people, well, there's always next year!

Prokofy Neva

That reminds me, update:
Wiz Norberg, Noosphere.

Crap Mariner

I was going to say: Where's Wiz?

As for Pais... nah. Sure, the show fills a sim, but it's single-sim. Even with the podcast reach, doesn't get the street that, say, a Torley vid does.

Fleep's more noosphere, wired for good, not self.

Dolmere Talmasca's pretty high up on my list of do-gooders-for-do-good's sake in the music realm.

Freestar Tammas/Circe Broom?

Prokofy Neva

Well, you did convince me of one thing:

Cylindrian Rutabega has to go on FIC 2.5 -- there's one update.

Fleep is very, very consciously adding titles and roles to herself. That's fine, that's what you do at that age. But, it's in part for the resume.

Dolmere is an evil fuck who goes on 2.1 if he goes anywhere, but he's not important enough.

Freestar I never heard of. Like I say, you're welcome to fire me from my job as FIC society columnists and do a column yourself : )

Circe Broom is the salt of the earth, but I have to say, this was my thinking about musicians, kind of as a whole: they do not influence the power, politics, society of SL. They are in the world, but they don't really get involved in the levers of it, or in commenting on it sort of philosophically or making political or social songs about it (because Frogg and Jaycatt do, they went on the list of the Noosphere).

It's like a lot of dress makers or widget makers. Timeless Prototype is probably gnashing his teeth that he's not bad enough to be on bad lists or good enough to be on good lists but that's because he is overly cautious and looking at his resume and business profile.

Paisley has tens of thousands of hits after the show on YouTube.

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