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Jumpman Lane

Noooooo. Way back when up until that day AFTER he copied Lady Dawson's look. Torley Torgeson was a MALE avatar. He copied her stlye and suddenly annouced one day to her that he was thir daughter. She considers him a freak to this day for doing it. And the history in the wiki used to show edits on my page before i was indefinitely blocked. Torley changed the main picture of me on my page. I left it and changed two on his page. Then i was indefintley blocked and couldnot email an amin there. on the sl wiki. I created an alt and corrected my own page . then i was ip blocked indefitely there and all of my alts were age verified and i was ip banned on sl to they were all linked to Jumpman lane (who was banned in sl at the time for the original pix i placed on torley's page). prior to all that i was banned on his group owned land. some of it i never even had been too. Well now im all age verified and off any sort of bans though I remain permantly blocked on the sl wiki and cant create a page there

Maklin Deckard

"It's quite another, as Torley does, to say "Your experience didn't happen. Your truths are invalid. You really didn't see it that way. You suffer from mindjunk and an attitude problem.""

That is every Torley office hour I have EVER attended. Happy-happy-joy-joy with NO real content and a concerted effort to crush dissent.

You can be a decent person to others without the maniacal happy routine. Take Desmond, he's genuinely friendly to folks ingame...BUT you can tell when he's stressed or bothered...unlike Torley's happy idiocy. In every case of manic-happy I have encountered, its been someone hiding either personal flaws, professional flaws or an agenda they intend to forward. Not to mention, its creepy as hell in a Stepford Wives sort of way...something just comes off as fake/inhuman to me.


How dare you call me "childish" you you why I may just never post here again you!

Seriously though, I've been utilizing other, reliable services to facilitate online instruction and will incorporate a virtual world platform when one is available. The pouting is childish and reserved for aspects of personal use but that desire is being alleviated by the steady progression of other projects.

Linden Lab's twisted social vision and their fiercely defended centralization are the same symptom. It's just the case that you're as brainwashed by their singular virtual world concept as others are by their attempts to perpetrate a utopian society.

Cocoanut Koala

Well, let's see. Torley has now progressed beyond telling us what we should think (mindjunk) and how we should formulate and state our opinions and ideas (protoversial instead of controversial) -

- and is now deciding which ADJECTIVES we should use and which authors we should reference?

My my my.

Other people really bother him, don't they?

As is usual in cases like these, the whole situation will probably resolve itself, as the individual progresses from being a puzzlement to being a predictable self-parody, and the cogwheels underneath it all become all too obvious to everyone.


Ann Otoole

One problem LL has is lack of business acumen. It doesn't matter that we live in the USA and the Constitution says we can say whatever we want. Torely is a major LL actor and representative and no matter what Torely might say to the contrary his blog is an extension of Linden Lab and therefore represents Linden Lab. So what you see on Torely's blog is a glimpse into how Linden Lab operates. If LL doesn't like it they could tell him to stop. But they don't so LL must think it is perfectly fine.

Probably the only company in the universe that thinks that way but there it is and that's how it is.

Prokofy Neva

Well, Ann, one of the things about the Linden set-up is that they have "distributive decision-making" and the Big List of Things to Do and all this "future of work" dreck that, under the guise of "accountability" and "transparency" is really about the sort of elaborate pretense that Torley mounts covering over all his traumas, problems, internal contradictions. That's why I don't like it -- it's fake.

But what that means is that there's a shocking lack of control of one Linden by another. There isn't some "company". There are fiefdoms, protectorates, autonomous republics, warring principalities -- and no one is really in charge -- at least not yet. There isn't anyone to say, look, all this propagagndistic stuff is a turnoff, we're getting negative press on it even from Hamlet, please cool it. No one at all. Indeed, they don't say anything under the sacred doctrine of fuckyou hedonism, which ensures that everyone gets to do what they want on their land, and fuck you -- and if you were to comment on what someone else is doing, why, then they'd do that to you, then where would you be...

Khamon Fate

That's very cleanly stated Prokofy, by definition, there isn't company. We can call Linden Lab many things; but "company" isn't one of them.

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