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Ann Otoole

Huh? Where are these ad boards? Is there a directory of these ad boards? (This system/idea needs some work. A networked system based off a classified ad type. You buy that ad type and load your texture and it goes into the grid wide rotation)

Ciaran Laval

Ann these ads are in the infohubs, they've been there ages but I've never been able to get them to work.

I will however try again after this tip off.

Prokofy Neva

The ad system used to be on the old telehubs -- there were about 42 telehubs by the time they were removed in 2005. Those old ad systems were clunky, and not that effective, because they only showed one at a time, and would keep showing that ad until someone came and moved the viewer to the next one. Still, it did have some effectiveness and it was widely used, there were usually dozens of resident ads in each telehub.

When the Lindens put in the infohubs, they didn't carry this over, anti-commerce Lindens prevailing in their design. But because about a dozen infohubs were then allowed to be redesigned by residents, including those who had not opted to sell their telehub land back to the Lindens under a compensation deal in 2005, some of us put them back in. Osprey Therein got the thing working again -- it has problems.

One of the things I discovered, with help on interpretation from Ordinal Malaprop, is that the telehubs all embedded within them a script that tracked the arrival of avatars, so the Lindens monitored the traffic at the hubs.

The ad system is clunky and later ad systems scripted commercially by resident companies do a much better job.

I'm not sure they've put them in all the hubs -- I don't see them in welcome areas, where they used to be, like Waterhead or Dore, but only saw this one in Violet.

One of the problems with this system and why people argue over it constantly is that there is always this insistence that ads in various "instances" or singleton help or orientation or infohub areas are worthless unless you have a system that globally distributed ads to every single instance.

But that's not necessary, nor does it really provide enough access to the system. It's perfectly fine to have each local hub have a separate set of ads manually inserted by residents for that hub because their stores may be nearby, for example. There is nothing wrong with developing locality in SL; indeed, it has been a recipe for success for retention and meaningful experience.

If you have a global system, a few big purchasers or users will flood the system with a few ads -- that's the problem we have now with ad farms like Cytherea's BTE. There isn't enough real estate for people to gain access to the market.

I used to go around and put my ads manually into about 20 telehubs that made sense because they were near properties, back in those days nobody would fly more than 1,000 m somewhere. Although there is now p2p, there's no reason not to develop locality and provide more space also.

The Lindens should also seize the moment to put up roadside billboards especially on areas that are already commercial and business related. They don't have to cover every inch. They don't have to even be in every sim. But strategically, they could put in several thousand of these and make them available to rent just like residential billboards are available.

Jemima Boucher

There is at one at Waterhead (just checked!) but it appears to be broken ...

Prokofy Neva

Yes, that one at Waterhead and some others have been broken for ages, and it's deliberate, the Lindens who hate commerce prevail. Maybe M Linden can override this.

Ann Otoole

Why do people that hate commerce work in a for profit company? Shouldn't they live under an overpass in a cardboard box with the rest of the philosopher experts?

Oh wait I think I know.. They like to role play at being all anti commerce but when they drive their nice car to their plush home they sure do like the benefits of commerce.

Dirk Talamasca

I like the ad boards. I just hope they are maintained and looked after properly. Good things happening there.

Gigs Taggart


Is this a sign the Mentors is finally being phased out?

I have to say my only experience with anyone wearing a mentor tag are people with serious cases of false authority syndrome.

Ann Otoole

Interesting. Each private island has a telehub icon on it on the map. I have never seen a telehub on any island. There are no telehub icons on any mainland. I found the one in Violet only because of this article. The one in Miramar appears to be a primary dumping ground. And that "resident ad board" is not accessible to residents for placing ads.

Indeed Linden Lab needs to either terminate telehubs completely or make them serialized and all 100% identical, standardized, easy to use, and all have the same opportunities for resident advertising. And get rid of the telehub icons on the map or make them reflect real telehubs.

Prokofy Neva

No, nothing of the sort. It's merely a capitulation to the reality that newbie helping groups like Carl's simply do a lot better job than the Mentors. They are unlikely to retire the mentors, but they are just giving the other groups a crack at the newbies. I myself do not like that concept, as I don't think the Lindens should FICize this or that group and elevate it above others and give it eyeballs in the infohubs for free. If they restore the resident ad system I can barely tolerate it still because it is still a terribly unfair system to give one group an elevated status in these hubs (as they did back in the day with InfoNet which was later removed, thank God). But in terms of cracking the ad barrier, it's a step in the right direction of it eventually leads to them permitting ad sales in hubs and welcome areas.

The reason you can't see telehubs on islands is that you bury that function inside a prim or in the ground -- it's a glorified landing point. Few people would actually use those old clunky brown telehub buildings.

But the dirty little secret of the Lindens' "removal" of the telehubs for horridly ideological reasons is that...they didn't remove them from islands. Many island empires in fact retain robust use of them. Desmond's, Anshe's, etc. continents all have landing stations with actual telehub prims and sometimes even more elaborate objects like a gazebo. They then drive people past stores, so they work on exactly the same honey-trap principle of the old telehubs. And imagine, the horror, the horror of having them in the past that gasp people were "forced" to shop. In Caledon, if I want to go somewhere, I have to land at the telehub and then vector in, past shops, which inevitably I'll stop at as many do. So it was sheer hypocrisy, that one.

Type the word "infohub" into the search/places and visit them. The resident designed ones aren't uniform, and that's a good thing. They are all uniform in having some basic Linden advertising for their blog and stuff but they vary as to how much or little or what kind of orientation they give. You can visit the one I work on in Ross or the one in Calletta which is the most robust and elaborate of all the resident-made ones with lots of content and help and freebies and traffic.

Miramare has always totally annoyed me. It is city buildings and concrete -- another geeky affectation -- which the overwhelming majority of people coming into a fantasy second world to escape their tenements do not want. The fiction that people love distressed urban as a backdrop to their socializing is limited to a very severe niche of about 7 percent 19-20 year olds still fascinated by the noir. They get over that fairly quick and then they want pastoral, countryside, McMansion, sea, grass, whatever.

Prokofy Neva

Ah, the plot thins here as it turns out...Carl tells me that in fact the builder, Ingrid Ingersoll, put this kiosk in as part of her development of this resident-developed sim, which is more like a "the Lindens called their friends and asked them to fix it up" sort of thing, different than other resident-developed, but...well...still technically "resident".

So there was no Linden decision to have resident ads in the hubs as such, but no objection. There's never been a clear reading on this. I myself put out kiosks with resident publication and blogs, but frankly, I don't see my purpose to drive existing traffic to other infohubs for basic orientation because this information is already being flogged elsewhere and I see the Ross hub as not basic, but intermediary.

I contacted Ingrid directly and she said that she was given a folder of textures and redid the ad thing and the kiosks to make them less primmy and clunky. Also Stever Whiplash redid the ad script. And that's of course what does need redoing -- and further. In any event, what we have here is a sort of partial situation: resident ads are being put back in the Linden hubs by residents, without Linden objection. What we don't have yet is Lindens themselves putting the resident ads in or improving them -- that barrier still remains.


Prokofy Neva

AND...now that they have "endorsed" groups and do have a plan to put their kiosks in, we can expect it...some time...soon....

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