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Ann Otoole

Linden Lab is full of wimps. They apparently quake in fear of ad farmers bullying them in the hallways and giving them swirlies in the jr. high bathrooms.

I mean it is so frikking simple. LL hires an outside consultant to come in and catalog the ad farms and then at the appointed time they delete the accounts of the ad farmers and turn the land over to the adjacent parcels if desired.

Same policy and procedure needs to be applied to traffic falsification operations. Catalog, document, ban, recover assets. Message sent. No more problem. Do this blatantly unethical activity and your hand gets cut off.

Only by hard core jack boot stomping action will people get the message that fraudulent behavior is no longer condoned in Secondlife. But someone besides Linden Lab is going to have to be the enforcers.

It takes balls to be tough in an honest and decent manner.

Or maybe the kickbacks are so lucrative LL will not deal with the problems. In which case the time is drawing nearing for bringing the FTC into the mix. For one thing the FTC needs to have a look at the Showcase. Apparently it is going to require actual government intervention into Linden Lab's affairs for LL to decide to get serious about doing things in an honest and ethical manner.

There is just so much that makes zero sense about Linden lab. Kind of hard for anyone to take them seriously. And weak people are never taken seriously.

Tammy Nowotny

I wish I had gone to that meeting. Some folks showed up who are rarely actually seen in public but who manage to wreak a lot of havoc on the mainland.

One intereseting development is that the adfarmers have laregly stopped bothering to put up ads. They now prefer to just settle for playing games with overpriced minilots... sometimes with bad terraforming and/or ban lines and/or other annoyances, but for the most part without the ad towers.

Tammy Nowotny

Judging by other transcripts, it looks like the meeting you went to was quieter than some. Even though the adfarmers and the microplot extortionists' activities may seem mindless, there are actual people doing this stuff. Although 'bots are involved, it's nit just 'bots. And even though they rarely show their faces in public they evidently do drop in on Jack's meetings.

They tend to be like my RL kid sister: they like to confuse you by deliberately missing the point of what people are saying to them. Like ChrisChun Fassbinder once (not in the meeting posted above) responded to complaints about the ugliness of his ad towers by claiming he would sponsor a design competition for a new ad tower design. Or Austin Hallard starts talking about how prices in Bay City are as high per sq metre as his ubiquitous strategically located L$800-L$1.5k microplots and how no one (or hardly anyone) complains about those prices.

The Lindens need to redo the whole tier structure... it is illogical that someone can hold 4000 ad plots for the same price as a single mainland sim.

Ciaran Laval

The design competition was mentioned at that meeting.

I don't know why anyone would want their product associate with these towers anyway, no matter how nice the tower they are still going to be an eyesore.

Ann Otoole

I think smart money is cutting losses and getting away from Linden Lab. Anyone dumb enough to give away their revenue stream on a silver platter is a total loser. And Joe Miller suggesting Linden Lab might be in a position to offer backbone services? Please. They can't even manage the asset system and apparently have no real transactions management system like Tuxedo going to prevent failed transactions from resulting in lost L$ and triggering automated alerts. I don't see the expertise at Linden Lab providing much of anything to anyone anytime soon. I.e.; Linden Lab has a limited shelf life now. They think like techies and not like business people end of story.

Tammy Nowotny

I mixed up Prok's blog posting with a simnilar one from Sarah Nerd. Oops!

/me blushes

I was wondering who Cory Edo is... she is the only visibly listed non-Linden working on the Second Life Estate services island. Judging from her profile, it seems very possible that she may be Cory Ondrejka's alt. But maybe she is just an Ondrejka-lookalike :-)

economic mip

Cory Edo is a contract builder based out of New York. She is responsible for many of the works by the Electric Sheep including the I am Legend, and CSI. She also was hired to build the Linden Estate management building.

Prokofy Neva

I know all that economic. But look at what the chat says, it's messed up : )


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