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Tabliopa Underwood

Dumping avatars names from reports means what exactly? They're not being recorded and saved into a datatable; or they are and they're just not being displayed in reports from that table??

Conspiracy Theorist

@Tammy and Prok,

This is exactly why I think there should be a strict policy at Linden Lab stating that if you're an employee of LL, you do not get to have an alt in SL. There is far too many opportunities for abuse.

Blaccard Burks

When I look at all this sign nonsense I really have to laugh. A great deal of signs I see owned by Ancient Shriner and many others always seemed to be blocked. In all fairness to Mr. Shriner I don't see him actively cutting up land and "making signs".Maybe in the past, but there seems to be a whole business in cutting up parcels now by lots of people. The Cyrenthea Eagle signs seem to be everywhere. With the same crap adverts. The latest trend by Robo Marx and others is cutting up road side parcels and selling 16m2 to 64m2 lots. It appears to me that these sign people can't help themselves purchasing them. Ms. Eagle seems to be addicted. Erecting signs sometimes even in empty sims, sometimes making signs face signs. The Code 4 sign in Krakower in the middle of a 16m2 grid facing other signs.. Am I to believe that someone here has brains?
Somehow they think corporate business owners are going to be wowed with the techinical bullshit "metrics" that are presented to them.
The problem is this: A potential advertiser of Slippcat for example is not going to be impressed with sign work advertising your brand facing a bunch of other signs, nor are they going to be impressed with a sign 20 meters in front of someone elses virtual property.

Before anyone says anything about "what the fuck does this guy know", I was a person who contacted Coldwell Banker's SL people and asked them if they thought spamming people with signs in SL might just have a negative effect on them in RL?. You know what happened. Its also odd and amusing that the SLIPCAT website gives the Chevy Volt from GM and example. Does anyone recall here where Pontiac went with SL?

Naoki Yifu

Code4Software Parts Ways from Simuality and Slippcat

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