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Meridian Maginot

Meh, Madame Zola, such a character! I log off, and later finds she sends me two more cards, begrudgingly, but here they are:

"Madame Zola's Fortune Card: Following inner prompting brings quiet accomplishment.
Madame Zola's Fortune Card: Optimization hinders evolution."

Maggie Darwin

Anybody using 1.20 viewer knows there's "a need for a release"....hopefully one that doesn't hard-crash your OS and fixes VWR-3000.

I need a server-side release that fixes SVC-22 and SVC-2511 too... :-)

Ann Otoole

With the current track record of LL ... any announcement has to smell like bamboo bongs and LSD spiked watermelon right?

I guess we will see but something gives me the icky feeling that the logic frameworks that run LL are unlikely to render anything seriously good for SL. Hope it is something good but I am not holding my breath and have pretty much halted investing any more time in any content development until the "Big Deal" is announced and analyzed.

Gigs Taggart

"A lot of what passes for "the future" is merely the present unfolding or manifesting"

I like that one. Adding to my quote file.

Crap Mariner

I don't think it will be an announcement, per se, as much as Mitch going into detail about his change of role at LL when he shifts into non-chair board member role and where he sees things heading.

Prokofy Neva

Crap, but they said "announcement".

Meridian Maginot

Naturally I'm kicking myself now because it was so clear the oracles were saying, "Mitch will announce a $10,000 prize for the person who is most disruptive with technology" -- and I missed it.

Wait. Did I get that right?

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