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Prokofy Neva

BTW, yes, Intlibber does buy ads on the Herald, you can see one running now in the left column.

Ann Otoole

You don't need to use my name for google hits prok. I have nothing at all to do with any of your conspiracy theories.

Oh, btw, nice anti LL propaganda sign you have up next to a linden office hours place. I bet you paid a ton of cash to get that spot just so you could put up anti LL propaganda in a style reminiscent of ad farmer tactics.

Dirk Talamasca

Good stuff Prok.. I do disagree on this point..

the fact that they've kept the land spigot off this long -- nearly 60 days and counting -- is really proof of some extraordinary measures they are willing to take at their own expense.

I don't see anything extraordinary about them keeping the spigot off when over half the map is yellow. Hell, it is damn near selling at First Land prices already. I mean, really.. How would they even begin to explain that?

Hi residents! In spite of the fact that everyone, EVERYONE knows that there is an enormous land glut in SL and businesses are closing and people can't even give away sims, we have decided to release more land. You have a wonderful Second Life why don'tcha? Check ya later!

What sort of expense do you think they are incurring by devastating the community? Are you saying that it is a winning situation for them to run the current residents out of Second Life in hopes that new residents will take up the slack by swarming all over cheap land? That doesn't make any fucking sense because as you can see... it ain't sellin'. And a bunch of prim and roads strewn all over areas like Bay City isn't settin' em on fire either. There are so many 'For Sale' signs on big boxes over there it looks more like a game of Q-Bert. Oh sure, somebody paid out the ass for that land and is now sitting on it. The tier IS being paid! That is just what we need.. new, fancy land with signs all over it and no residents.

I DO find it extraordinarily stupid that they dumped a continent at the slowest time of year for land sales when half the map was yellow at that time as well.

Why can't they just say, "Sorry, we fucked up. We will work to make things right" instead of just leaving us hanging with a blog post that pretty much says.. "We know we need to say something about land but we haven't quite worked out the semantics of our statement just yet"?

Prokofy Neva

I have a modest sign that expresses my opinions to my neighbours. I didn't pay "a ton". I paid only $8/m, at the time a bit high but not unreasonable, to that awful woman, Eboni something, who bought to live in a chic neighbourhood and then got bored of SL. I bought it right when I was banned, as I used to hold meetings there all the time about free speech issues and such, pile up traffic, and get dwell, and then the Lindens would pay me for my dwell, which of course was hilarious, given that I was banned. I always thought that was funny, making long arguments for hours on land pay off. Of course, they didn't do that for long. BTW, the most I ever made from dwell was something like $57 or $82 bucks or something, Jesse Linden might recall if they kept records. That's because I didn't work it right. Grouped land didn't really pay off for dwell, it go too diluted. So you had to keep your land ungrounded on yourself only and get it to have traffic. Too much of a chore.

Well, Dirk, it's a long jag. Never seen it in lo, these many 4 years. And it is at their expense, no denying that. They get tier on yellow land, but they don't get land sale money, and they need that.

Yes, it's a calibration. If they destroy the economy, they can't keep people paying tier. But they must not have suffered SO much of that. Yet...how can we know, we don't have the information. We don't see the numbers on abandoned meters.

And there's that curious fact of the islands showing -393 and then showing plus 1000. Odd, that.

It might well be a win for them to dump off the old lot of us and pave the way clear for business and educational sims. I don't know. It might well be?

They continue to believe that new people need to have cheap land and get on tier, and that may be working. Again, we don't have the numbers of how land purchases break down.

I agree that Bay City backfired. They might have seen that coming, given the treatment of Brown and Boardman and Schermerville and that other one, the Linden-zoned ones. People pay top dollar for land that can't be junked up so easily. That's why they figured out they need to keep zoning whole sims.

You can't seem to grasp it though, Dirk. It's never stupid for them to dump continents. They get paid for continents. They get PAID for them. They sell them. And collect tier on them. If you have trouble selling or renting them after that, it's not their problem, objectively speaking.

Oh, to be sure, Jack has had the one blog post wringing his hands a bit about "resident investment," but they heed people like Clubside or whatsis, N Kayo the Native American gal, who tell them that they don't need to have a land market, they can just sell stuff for cheap and only content should be sold for real money.

Dirk Talamasca

Riiiiiiight the stuff that can be easily ripped off and copied is a far more reasonable choice than land which you can't copy.

Yes, Linden Lab gets paid for continents but they were also getting paid for those 393 missing islands and there are still more residents dumping sims this month.

I am also sick to death of them trumping up the amount of sims by counting an openspace sim as a full sim.. It isn't, and they make that perfectly clear by stating that they won't do a damn thing to help you if you intend to use an openspace as if it were a full sim. Why be so discriminatory when it comes to customer service yet embracing when it comes to feeding the media a line of shit?

Prokofy Neva

Well, if they are dumping sims, they are dumping them to other people who pay tier.

Yes, they ought to count those open space sims in batches of 4 as 1.



Clubside Granville

I searched around as best I could in related articles to this on the Herald and elsewhere to no avail. Since it obviously does not refer to Prok, could someone explain to me what PN is? The term is used in a number of related Herald articles and comments such as "in b4 MAC bans are handed out and regular SLFags resort to using PN methods of getting back in." It's crazy to have to deal with all these new sub-culture of a sub-culture acronyms!

Prokofy Neva

It stands for a griefing group called Patriotic Nigras.

economic mip

What is funny about your link to ACE is that it basically proves that Intlib and Robomarx are at least in cahoots if not downright the same controller of the avatar. I hate them both personally. Intlibber once read me the riot act over a prim that was returned after 11 MONTHS at his WTC site oops must have dropped it.

Robo Marx once created a nice ban line moat around a property I owned surrounding the 512 on I believe all four sides with the help of Madam Eagle and Elias.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, Intlibber defends ROBOMARX even though he supposedly condemns Marxism and he also defends really blatant and bald extortionism, and this kind of blatantly fake Eddie Haskell bullshit.

Maggie was a wonder. "Are you knitting on that 16 m?" lol.

Clubside Granville

Thanks for the explanation, at this point I really need a scorecard. Or do I? That'll be the point of my comment if I'm ever capable of making a point!

Do you think covering these people and groups is a double-edged sword? Getting the word out on griefers and other miscreants seems a good mission, but does documenting them also provide publicity and attention they most likely desperately crave? I find it horrible that so many people have Prok in their sights for no other reason than that he is a vocal, erudite commenter of this world we've decided to become engaged in, so he has far more first-hand experience to report on.

I don't know how I can help. I can read and shake my head and try to imagine how terrible things are but when I'm on I see a different world. Even when I was running a high-traffic region and had my one encounter with the "JLU" group I never bore witness to the fury of these individuals and groups. I've seen some shenanigans at the Sutherland meetings but they seem to be over before anything as nasty as what seems to get written about in the Herald ad nauseum ever occurs.

Well, I certainly have no answers but will give two thumbs up to the link marked COMEDY GOLD because it certainly is!

Prokofy Neva

Clubside, go back over my blogs from the past years and you'll find I completely repudiate the idea of "not giving them publicity".

Number one, it doesn't work. I've tried that. It doesn't work. They will grief regardless. I know people who have been griefed in unspeakably savage ways, and they think if they don't speak out, it will go away and never happen to them again, but they're wrong. Silence is violence in this regard. It enables them to keep getting people.

People indifferent or desensitized to griefing like this kid from Cornell then are able to imagine that it's not serious. That it never harms people. That griefers would never deliberately attack disabled people to get their kicks, right?
They just go after people who are pompous and full of themselves and therefore are a form of parody, right?

Wrong. You are a wargamer, and therefore you will always have a streak that simply forgives griefers in you, and sorry, I find that uncivilized.

I don't care if I'm "in their sights". It's important to expose the lies because they don't attack only me.

I think the answer is not to be silent, and not say that griefing isn't serious, but to expose its nihilism and destructiveness. So that people learn right from wrong, especially if they are on the fence, and so we can put paid to this idea that griefing isn't destructive.

Intlibber's bullshit is just part of his ideological power-mongering, it's disgraceful.

Grizzy Griswold

You mentioned the police blotter being unclear. I agree this frustrates me. Why can we only see the last 15 incidents and why can't we see specific names of individuals? When I report abuse against someone, I would like to find out what happened. If there was discipline taken against them, I would like to right to know that. It doesn't necessarily need to be on the website, but I'd like to at least get an E-mail that told me what was done in response. Instead I am left to figure it out by searching for whoever it was in People search. It also seems 90% of the time, no action is taken. I can only remember one time when someone who griefed me actually was banned.

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