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IntLibber Brautigan

Now, I showed up because it was announced the meeting was a community discussion, but apparently you had to live up to your Stalinist PTA-fascist nature and go and ban people you dont like without rational justification.

No I dont sponsor Woodbury University, WU pays ME a good amount of money to host their campus because ignorant, dont-bother-me-with-the-facts-my-mind-is-made-up idiots like yourself have vilified a University simply because of its visitors.

Secondly, Woodbury are NOT griefers. You, Prok, are the biggest griefer in SL with your vicious, vile, venomous hate speech, your need to label and categorize anything you hate as if its part of some grand Soviet plot against your personal drive to make space monies.

A number of people have learned what a hateful fraudster you are by you recently ejecting tenants you didnt like and keeping their money. Really, Prok, WHY EXACTLY are you in SL in the first place given how much you hate technology? Why should any of us even listen to anything you say given you repeatedly get so many things so entirely wrong simply because you absolutely refuse to listen to anybody besides your little internalized commissar whispering in the back of your brain?

Finally, it is complete and utter libel for you to claim I am sending anybody after you. If I actually were, believe me, you and all of SL would know it. In fact, I have regularly and steadily warned and taught young people who might otherwise grief due to the utter boredom created by the PTA-fascist suburban insanity you promote, against griefing. WU teaches these people to be productive, creative members of SL society. Of course, it is only natural you would hate such a place, as by eliminating griefing by draining their well of manpower, we eliminate the justification for your venomous angst-ridden spite-filled nastiness. Without griefers, you are exposed simply as a bitter, nasty old lady who really should find something else to do with her life if she seems to hate second life so much. Just WHAT are you still doing here?

Prokofy Neva

Oh, BTW Intlibber is banned from this blog, too, for the simple reason that he causes me damage in SL, by supporting the goons and b/tards who constantly grief me and disrupt my tenants. He was also a driving force behind griefing me on the Herald, constantly inciting demonstrations to have me "fired" (er, I quit anyway), constantly heckling me in the comments.

Intlibber is a loon.

It's funny how often he says "PTA fascist", it's his favourite phrase.

That he would whitewash Woodbury at a time when their latest griefing escapades, including Shaun Altman's adfarm griefing, are so well documented, is ludicrous.

"A number of people have learned what a hateful fraudster you are by you recently ejecting tenants you didnt like and keeping their money."

I've dealt with this false propaganda in two posts. I ejected two griefers who were renting provocatively right in the middle of Ravenglass merely to harass me. They don't get a refund for doing shit like that.

My business practices in SL are well known to be good and I have happy customers and few complaints. Nobody asks where their money is, as they do for Intlibber.

There isn't any "libel" in *reporting* the presence of Intlibber, well documented with screenshots, on Fizgig's land in Furness, and many other scenes like that. Geez, pretty lame to call something so easily refuted by a truth defense as "libel".

Perestroika Zelmanov

"personal drive to make space monies."

what fucking irony IntLib

Prokofy Neva

Yeah, that was hilarious, as if Intlibber doesn't make quite the "spacebux" himself.


The Duchess had been on the bridge for a while before I noticed her. I was spellbound at the sight enfolding before me. Quickly, I signaled a hand to get her some coffee and a blanket. Being soaked and begrimed myself, I asked for a cup and tried to straighten up and pay attention to my uniform. She nodded gratefully, sipping the coffee, and finally spoke: "Late, as usual, O'Toole... but ye did well, sir." I grinned, noticing just the hint of a smile on the edges of her mouth.

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