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Ann Otoole

After what sprang up over there today I don't blame you at all. Perhaps you need to have a lawyer send a C&D and if they do not comply then have the web host provider ordered to delete the website.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

So alluding to an organization that practiced torture and burned people at the stake is just jolly good humor?

Sean Williams

Ahem ..... A web page can hardly be described as being 'evil' or 'the spawn of hell', at most it'd bst be called tasteless.

That aside, I'd have to agree that the Herald has started to pander to the type of people that prove how worthless Humanity is.

A question for miss Otoole: Is your answer to everything a lawsuit and using force to get people to do what you want?

From all of the comments I've read about you I can only conclude that you're just like the woman that sued McDonald's after spilling hot coffee on herself: One of the people cluttering up the legal system with lawsuits that SHOULD net the person filing them a grand amount of humiliation as the judge laughs them out of the court room.

Sean Williams

That should be "from all the comments I've read", remove the "about you"

BJ Tabor

I mean what is wrong with the Herald beyond outright fabrication of stories and slander at a level even Randolf Hearst would find repugnant?

And Sean, suing is the American way, darnit! American as apple pie and Thanksgiving. Pilgrims started it so enough of the Commie talk.

Ann Otoole

So basically you have never had to function in the real world eh Sean?

You don't even comprehend what I said did you? You don't even comprehend the situation that someone does not want the character assassination of having their name listed as a writer on the herald.

I bet you think the abortion clinic thing/article is cool right? Thus why you are defending the herald?

So you would want your name associated with writing of that nature? And if not, and you had requested your name be removed from the publication, and they refused, you would just roll over and take it? Somehow I bet you would be singing a different tune if it happened to you. And if they refuse to comply with a C&D (does not require a judge or use of court time) and a C&D is sent to the ISP (does not require a judge or use of court time) and you got the relief you sought, at your personal expense, then exactly where was the court time wasted in a frivolous manner? There wasn't any. Now go back to school and learn about the topics before opening your mouth and inserting foot next time.


And stop frivolously wasting people's valuable time by writing on the internet about topics you are utterly ignorant and incompetent about.

Grizzy Griswold

I used to read the herald because it had some interesting articles. I quit reading it when it became a celebration of everyone's fetishes and also when they attempted to do a piece on religion in sl (something I'm very involved in) and somehow missed pretty much all of the most active Christian churches in sl when they did their piece on Christiantity. It came to the point where it seemed that they only wanted to highly the lowest common denominator of what goes on in sl glossing over anything useful. I went back to the site today after reading this entry and I didn't think it was possible but its about a million times worse than the last time I was there and the last time I was there was when they did an article on how wonderful ponygirls were.

Sean Williams

Ann, kindly grow up and get your nonexistent head out of your ass, as well as dropping the arrogant attitude hmm?

"Ann Otoole" does not exist in the real world, nor does "Prokofy Neva".

I, however, do.

I will be very clear for you Ann: I despise people like you. People like you are the reason this world has gone to hell in a hand basket and the very reason humanity seems to be going in a direction where the very bounds of reality are distorted in the minds of the common person.

Drop the bullshit concerning a Second Life user's "good name". Unless "Ann" or "Prokofy" will be publishing a book anytime soon, such a concept being used for nothing more than a collection of bits is about as absurd as claiming that you live "in" and not "off of" Second Life.

I am "defending" nothing, nor do I bother with the Harald much myself - and I hate to break it to you but I was not referring to the Herald when I mentioned lawsuits. Next time little miss, try a little thing called "Asking for clarification" before jumping the gun.

I will now spell it out for you: forcing anyone to remove your Second Life User Name from a list of "writers" DOES amount to one thing; Telling the world that a nonexistent entity deserves the same treatment as a real person.

In Prokofy's case there are several times over the course of his (said out of respect of the real person's wishes)time in Second Life where the real person behind the avatar has actually linked their name to their Second Life presence.

This was a mistake.

Instead of using a well known avatar name that is already tied to a real life person, Prokofy SHOULD have created this blog and done the writing for the Herald as an alt that no one would know about.

It is common enough sense that one should NOT link real information to an internet or other service account.

Sorry, but I believe that if a person makes a mistake for whatever reason, they should pay for it. Said payment coming in whatever way is appropriate.

If Prokofy does not want to be affiliated with the Herald anymore, then submitting the request is proper. After that? sever all ties and do not bother looking back.

If people actually think that a "writer" that has submitted nothing for some time is still affiliated with a website? That is THEIR issue.

Your attitude concerning Linden Lab also needs some adjustment little miss.

Plenty of other companies have some rather shady business practices .... How many of THOSE do you see being sued?

Very few.

go after them BEFORE going after the owner of a make believe world - M'kay?

Oh ... and don't ever waste my time with your worthless attitude and poor communication skills again Ann.

You get ONE response post to explain to you where you screwed up in your response ... then you get brushed aside as the idiot you really are.

Razrcut Brooks

TypeKey novice question: Prok, there is a second comment attributed to you in that article that begins with: "Thats not me. I'm the real Prokofy Neva." Did you really write that one?

Razrcut Brooks

Ann Otoole


I will try to drop down to the skinhead brain level so you can understand being as how you obviously fancy yourself as a nazi.

You should really go get a dick surgically attached so you can try to get laid. But that won't help you because nobody is interested in fucking a defective genetics infected pimple.

Sean Williams

Thank you Ann for proving that you apparently cannot function at all in normal society.

Now you may return to the void from whence you came and join the countless other little children that actually seem to think that their attitudes somehow make them "cool", or some other such bullshit.

I hope whatever boss you may have sees the bullshit you get up to online .... and promptly fires your worthless ass.

Should you not have a boss: Kindly do us all a favor and never have children. we really do not need more inbred twits like you around.

Now then, back to looking for someone with some real intelligence around here.

Prokofy Neva

No, of course I didn't write that fake second comment Razrcut, don't be an ass.


"don't be an ass."
LOL :) Love you too!

SRSLY, I was just surprised that Type-Key allows users the ability to choose a display name that has already been registered. I have been under the impression that when I saw comments signed in a blue, clickable-link format, then one could assume continuity in authorship..

Razrcut Brooks

...and now they have an article about a pregnant man in SL ???

-Razrcut Brooks

Ari Blackthorne


The Herald went way downhill far longer ago that you proclaim, Prok. The thing is that you were too close to the flagpole to really see it.

It got to the point where I'd peek in, perhaps a story here and there cought my attention, but after the first paragraph or two I'd yawn and move on.

The main reasons are that 1) - the stories are stupid crap, like that so-called "poetry" they throw-up (pun intended) just to full space for example, 2) total fabrication and/or complete alarmist nonsense specifically intended to rile-up the throngs. and 3) - no one over there can write. I mean, there's some real low-level (intellectually speaking) writing style over there.

Now, I have my own blog and will be the first to proclaim I can't write either. But I don't do it for any reason than to mouth-off for fun.

So it got to the point where the only articles I read were yours. Because you chose worthwhile, 'real value' subjects such as the more-than-25-groups story and your writing is good.

Look, I don't know you, and I'll say you tend sometimes to come-off as a bit more paranoid than maybe you should be in my opinion. But, hate you or love you or somewhere in between, I just can't see anyone legitimately proclaiming you can't write.

I enjoy your stuff. And *most* of your subject matter is pretty interesting to me.

There. Honest and straight forward.
Unlike ANYTHING I've seen at the Herald in a year or more.

Clubside Granville

Unfortunately there will always be the infamy of "The Second Life Herald" book you appear in. Why do so many people with no ability to write believe they can?

sinead mcmillan

@sean williams: consent

Prokofy Neva


I think I've been calling it on the Herald for more than a year now. I thought that eventually Uri might sit up and take the time to set things right. But it was not to be. I thought it was important to be part of Second Life's only really independent tabloid, as bad as it is. There isn't anything else like it, because other outlets aren't trying to be muck-rakers in the slightest, and tend to serve if not the Linden corporate interest, their own.

I hardly think I'm paranoid, as I've been the target of hideous and constant attacks from this bunch for ages, directly incited. I fight back. That's not being paranoid, that's reporting, and fighting back.

I also don't claim to be any prize-winning author. I'm an amateur. I think there's a role for amateurs, and I'm happy to fill that niche.

I appreciate your praise, if qualified, and it's sad that the other Herald writers don't feel that same call, trying to do good news stories and commentary. This long-past-the-sell-date shtick they've had running with the Woodbury bullshit is indicative of their lack of imagination, it's like a fading vaudeville act.

As for being in the book, well the story isn't even told especially accurately about the Sims or SL, in my view, but then, I didn't go to the trouble to write a book, so I can't really complain about it.

I don't worry about having an ability to write or not. And I don't think others should. If the Herald goes on being a bit like a college newspaper, with enthusiastic amateurs, that's ok, because SL has that feel of being a kind of game or clubhouse for just that sort of amateur activity. It's ok. But that isn't really the problem. The problem is that Pixeleen can't let go of it, to let it thrive, and he believes that his tired, hateful, cynical formulas are still funny or interesting. They stopped being so about a thousand years ago.

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