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Ciaran Laval

I thought that would be massive, although I never participated myself it just seemed perfect for a multiplayer universe.

Of course Linden Lab managed to take the basic premise and add something more substantial.

Timeless Prototype

erm, either Prok's account was hijacked or this is indeed Prok's shortest post ever? :)

Prokofy Neva

I will have more to say about TSO's last hours, but I thought a period of silence in mourning was appropriate, and I didn't want to detract from MaxisParizad's eloquent last words : )

Gareth Nelson

I'm still wondering why there's no rants about the public beta for OGP yet, here's some fuel:


and after I fixed the bugs you see in that screenshot I explored a few other grids which didn't even have OGP support:

i can haz rant?

Desmond Shang

How terribly sad.

Maklin Deckard

Condolences, Prokofy, and other TSO players.

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