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Frankie Antonioni

Prokofy, thes tore that you went to was not the one name Tizzers,the one you went to is twice as big.The first thing I named in the store, was the floor.In the top line I had "Marsellus Wallace, burried under the floor". Under that I had "Plastic Duck, burried under the floor".

Your name was in the window, that is on the inside.It says"Prokofy Neva, trapped,between 2 panes of RavenGlass sim."
I had Pixeleen in one of the walls as,"Pixeleen Mistral, trapped between the walls of journalistic integrity."

Other names are, Uriness,Flipperpa,and Intlibber.Some of the big names in SL.There has been a lot of talk about doing away with traffic.And one of the reasons is because it is gamed because of camping.But anything can be gamed,whether it is search all,picks,or you name it.

Now when I search for a person,I search in people.If I search for a a store, or what ever, I use place.
The ony time that I search in search all,is if I am looking up somebody that is no longer in SL,or if I am searching for the name of a sim,and seeing what is in that sim.
So when I heard all these people talking about ending traffic,I decided hey,why not try and game search all.And if anybody feels the same way about traffic, then they should put names of people and stores.If they want have the name of my store,or use my name inside their objects,they can.And if they want to use my name withtrapped in the walls of scamming,well good.Anything to make search all harder.

Now if traffic is not going to end,and 2 people,or 1 that is a member of the FIC,come out in favor of traffic,then I will remove the the names.Naming the floor cement floor,and the large inside window,"observation window."
Now if they want to have something along with traffic,that is ok, as long as traffic stays.Theres no reasonwhy you can't add 2 or 3 more tabs.

I named my one store Tizzers,because the Tizzers Herald, has been running article afther article, about how the name Tizzers is being deleted.So for the next 10 to 14 days,I'm going to leave the name up, or until the Herald gives up its Tizzers marathon.
I also suggest that other store owners put the name Tizzers, in its name.Prokofy, you can name one of your rentals"Tizzers Estates"

Prokofy Neva

Um, thanks for confirming my points, and adding to it that you're an extortionist as well.

Selina Kyle

I've been reading this blog for a while now and I've finally figured it out. No matter what, you HAVE to be the victim in everything and use that as a justification for such self-destructive behavior. Do you ever look back Prok and say "Perhaps I could have handled this situation better?" Of course not, cause then you couldn't be the victim. So you launch into insults and obscenities as you think it is your right to do so. I'm sure I'll be banned for this from your blog or called an ass or names or whatever jejune thing you can come up with to make yourself the victim....but in this case, it's worth it to call your spade a spade.

Frankie Antonioni

Ok, so what do you know about traffic?Are the Lindens going to do away with it,or will they keep it? I have heard that popular places are now gone, not sure because I haven't downloaded the new update yet.

I went to my store,and removed the names, but I kept Tizzers,I will have it removed later.I have been thinking about leaving it there for a peroid of time, say a 3 week peroid that she doesn't IM me, or offer you friendship,If that happens, then you can let me know that she has not offered friendship.
The store that I named Tizzers,I think I will let it stay up till next Wednesday,that's when I got the new add.

Ciaran Laval

Popular places has been replaced by showcase, showcase is a list of Linden handpicked locations although I believe they are now accepting resident submissions.

I cringe when I see how Prok talks to his customers or potential customers but Prok's business model is successful.

Sean Williams

The business model is a success, but the treatment is the sort that any real life employer would have fired Prokofy long ago for abuse and mistreatment of their customers and potential customers.

It does not matter who you are, who you were or who you think you are ... That kind of behavior is deplorable.

Yes, some people actually deserve what they get. However the treatment shown in the second log is perhaps the worst. Your initial response smacks of the sort of attitude best left to the power hungry twits in Washington.

A calm explanation, followed by patiently waiting to hear the other side is a MUST in any form of CS work.

There really is no viable excuse for that sort of treatment.

Prokofy Neva

Selina, you certainly won't be banned from my blog because you criticize me, since you have followed the simple rule of supplying and first and last SL name.

I'm hardly a "victim" here -- I'm merely pointing out the outrageous entitlement-happy behaviour of people like this in SL.

Imagine flying into a sim merely because you were flying around, not responding to an ad in search, a classifieds ad, or any advertising whatsoever, and deciding that "open space", the label of the type of sim on the land description meant that it was for rent.

When you were ejected because in fact you were trespassing, and the land was taken the the tenant felt you were bothering them, you decide to take a hissy and protest this TP home. Retarded.

You're not wanted, move on. In fact, why join the group, and try to get on a sim, when a) it isn't advertised and b) you haven't paid anything and there's nothing showing you that it's available to pay. Retarded.

When it is explained to you fully and repeatedly that it is taken, you've misunderstood, move on, you are an entitlement-happy ass for not getting this, you keep huffing and puffing and fuming and publishing outrage on your profile.

What's wrong with a person like this? Their entitlement-freakhood is preventing them from perceiving reality.

There's nothing different I'd do in handling the severe problem this person suffers of being entitlement-freaky. From the first moment that they have to take the time to write to me to protest about being ejected from land, and I have to remove them from my group because they've joined it for no reason, in an attempt to gain access so they think, behind a ban, then I have to figure this person is stupid, aggressive, clueless, and obdurate.

They aren't making an "honest mistake" because if they were, they'd realize "I'm wrong about this, I've misunderstood". If you come on a sim and see it all built up and occupied, and somebody ejects you from it, you move on. To keep fretting about it, accusing the owner of rudeness and mismanagement is infantile. Ejections and ban lines are the norm in SL. I don't have banlines, and they aren't allowed in Dreamland, where this sim was, and I don't allow security orbs either. SO obviously this tenant shot this person home because they were an intruder, wearing the group tag, so they might have assumed that banning won't work or that they'd undo it. It's one of the problems with trying to make group bans work when tenants harass each other.

There isn't any bad behaviour here. There's telling a rude, entitlement-happy freak who can't grasp the situation that she is an ass. That's a public service, believe me.

As for the second situation, I fail to see why people get to build on an empty lot, and constantly fly around bothering other neighbours (I'd had several complaints about these people before, they weren't staying on their land), and keep getting away with it. One of the things people who are too cheap to rent larger lots do is pack 6 of their friends on to a smallish lot and then quickly run out of prims, and don't put on autoreturn so that all kidns of people's prims pile up and you can't figure it out.

But these prims were on an UNPAID FOR lot where I had repeatedly seen there were squatters because I'd see high traffic in the morning after it wasn't rented, for several days. So they were just using this as their "annex".

I simply returned the prims, and expelled the non-paying tenant, who wasn't indicated as a roomie from an OPEN group that they could rejoin again in two seconds.

Sorry, but expressing outrage, and a sense of entitlement-freakhood about this, is going to get the same abrupt and definitive behaviour from me.

Frankie, I guess you haven't been paying attention at all those meetings you attend or to all my blogs I've written.

I'm happy to talk to THESE KIND of customers as rudely as it takes to snap them out of entitlement mode. It's a buyer's market. They can go over to Ciaran or anyone else willing to work for free in Second Life. I'm not here to work for free or pennies. I'm here to rent discount land, not a charming personality.

If my rules seem too onerous for you or you don't like being told your limits, then move on, find someone else to hold your hand for a dollar fifty a month, I can't be bothered.

Let me explain something. Justice is expensive. Customer service is expensive. Constantly giving people the benefit of the doubt and bending over backwards to placate them is EXPENSIVE. And these are discount rentals precisely because I don't build in the costs of justice, concierge-like service, and placation.

I need to have the kind of tenants who can look at the simple rules, and obey them, in order to make a community that has the least amount of annoyances and bullshit in it. They don't need to have a constant landlord presence, so I want to give them as much of a DIY and empowered situation as I can.

That requires being adamant on several points, and that is people who take advantage and try to squat, overprim, bother their neighbours, and new prospective tenants who whine, wail, make excessive demadns, etc. etc.

I could have published yet another one of these situations where a GossipGirl must have sent me three lengthy notecards asking me a million questions about a $150/150 cottage.

She kept asking and asking the same questions, despite getting pushed help cards.

She asked if she could remove the house, she kept asking how she could get more prims out of the land by having her own house, even with a very low prim house but I said, sure, the house can be taken off.

Then, the first explanation, and a notecard, explaining how you get 150 prims out of land that says 117 on it is how group land works, it's assured, and no, she's not being deceived.

Then endless more questions, all of the literalist, nitpicking, stupid variety. How long is reasonable to spend on this stuff before you finally tell the person: look, you need to go find another rental, because I don't provide any more service beyond this for a $150/150 rental. Take it or leave it.

That's how it's got to be, or people will drain you dry.

Sean, you truly are an asshole, like the power twits in Washington yourself. You are absolutely morally blind to the problem of squatting, trespassing, bothering other tenants, etc. etc.

Obviously, if this wasn't a case of a pack of people overprimming and extending themselves out with a large extended group on to other unrented parcels on the sim repeatedly, if there hadn't been reports, if I hadn't seen high traffic on the land, if I hadn't seen prims, etc. etc. I wouldn't have had to be as sharp with these people.

But obviously, they are ENTITLEMENT-HAPPY and you have to say no.

It's a lesson you have to learn yourself.

Selina Kyle

There are two ways of looking at this situation since we are talking a specific occurence. Lets assume he his absolutely retarded and completely clueless and whined to you, the landlord. It's not your problem but you start with insults. A very simple, "the land is rented from me and they can without notice ban whomever they chose. This is not my problem if you have upset them in any way shape or form." Boom....the conversation is over unless he continues to engage. At which point, I say go for it and nail his whiney ass to the wall.
The Second way of looking at this is, well face it, your specific rep proceeds you and trying to get you riled up just does sound fun to new peeps and greifers. Guess what, you fell for it and gave exactly what they were hoping for. Either way, you lost.

Sean Williams

No Prok, I'm not 'blind to' anything here. What I see is several instances given with no proof on your end to truly back them up as well as the absolute worst CS work I have ever seen in text.

As I said you have no valid excuse for that sort of behavior.

PROPER CS work in the rental industry would have you actually being polite and attempting to get all of the facts before ripping someone's throat out verbally.

Instead of attempting to hurl insults and rushing to use labels and the like in your responses, why don't you try actually debating the point?

And no, you weren't debating the point (being rude and failing to actually give proper CS) at all.

Prokofy Neva

Selina, you're failing to grasp that someone capable of writing an IM like that bitching about being shot and removed from land that wasn't for rent, and was taken and there was absolutely no ad or availability in search or anything of the sort, is someone who has to be told firmly, quickly, and sharply that they need to snap out of entitlement mode.

They need a direct slap on this ASAP because they aren't getting it. A normal person with some sense of right and wrong, if they thought to follow up at all, would write, "I'm puzzled that I was TP'd home from land that appeared to be open to rent, what's up, can you help?"

Instead, this person instead instructs me how to run my business, tells me my business, and hectors me, demanding some kind of moral compensation and validity of rectitude. This queen bee is waiting and tapping her foot for someone to say OHHHH I'm so sorry, madame, let me look into this -- but then, see, what's what's been happening her entire pampered, self-referential, spoiled life.

She has no awareness beyond her own self-referentiality; that's blinding her to see the obvious -- another human being has taken this land and she's intruded.

See, it's that sense of self-righteous, indigant entitlement-happy fury that gets a total slapback from me. Always. And everywhere. I don't care if they are the Queen of Second Life. They'll get it. And I've chipped away at a very deep problem of modern Internet insolence, at least a little.

Proof aplenty has been supplied, Sean, and as we've seen before, what you'll do here is argue and argue and argue to prove you are right, always attempting to blacken me in every way, and never ever gleaning the obvious, that you are dealing with an arrogant, self-referential entitlement-happy *peer just like yourself* and that of course blinds you to reality.

My point has been debated adequate, it's just apparently pitched over your head. It is a burden to be blind to reality and logic and not grasp the problem of your peers, who are so like you, I realize.

Nevertheless, the public service has to be done, and I'll go on doing it.

These kinds of not-very-intelligent people, like yourself, try to replace perception and grasping of nuances with a highly attenuated sense of self-righteousness and "how things should be" -- and it really takes a very big slap to get you all to snap out of it. That's why I publish my blog

Each one of these people -- and you -- have a hugely inflated sense of your own self-importance and what should be done "right" by you, which always involves other people scurrying and scamping and ducking and covering and you getting to imperiously tap your foot.

Note that this bitch in the second instance even say cynically and nastily, "Since when is it a crime to share a rental?" when in fact the "crime" has been pointed out to her -- squatting on land, building on land, that she is not paying for, and none of her little friends are paying for is WRONG.


It's the inability to fess up to one's own offense that triggered the instance that is at the root of these instances.

The woman happening to fly on land not advertised just because she was flying around, then joining the group to try to gain entrance to it, then bitching that she was shot home, all because apparently (I'm guessing) she thought 'open space' mean that it was available is someone who has done three things wrong:

o she has trespassed -- it is not for rent, there is no ad, it's not in search

o she has joined a group without paying rent -- yes, it's open, but she has no reason to join a group unless she thinks that's going to get her in

o she has written a nasty indignant self-righteous note because of merely being TP'd home.

All that is wrong, and all that has got to go.

In the second instance, the person has done three things wrong:

o she has camped out with her friends on unrented land for hours, leading it to show traffic; this follows complaints of another tenant that people are constantly flying around on other lots, they can't seem to stay on their own

o she has left her prims on land she isn't renting

o she fumes and says rude and nasty things about merely having her damn prims returned, and being expelled from the group

All that's wrong, all that self-righteousness and rude expectation of entitlement has to go.

I don't expect people who suffer from this same affliction to get it. Perhaps those who are older and understand about the problems outlined in "Why the Kids Are Not Alright" will get it better.

Sean Williams

Hate to break it to you Prokofy, but words on a screen are prof of nothing.

You have debated and proven nothing but the simple fact that you are incapable of doing anything more than lash out when someone actually takes you to task for your attitude and actions.

As to your other section?

I refrained from commenting on that one for a reason Prokofy: It is nothing more than the sort of idiotic tripe that has caused the problems in this current generation.

Now I may have misread it and will apologize for what I am about to say if that is the case ....

The reason for the way children today act has NOTHING to do with what they play in their spare time Prokofy and EVERYTHING. to do with their parents.

You want to talk about people being 'entitlement happy'? How about the poor excuses for parents that raised the Columbine kids?

Boy THEY sure did a good job teaching their children didn't they? Yeah, let's leave the moral care of our children in the hands of the community and demand that they censor this movie, block that TV show and label this game ... All for their 'protection'.

Parents like that need to get off of their fat, lazy asses and actually BE parents.

Then again I should not expect YOU to get this Prokofy.

By your own response you assume too much where others are concerned and THAT needs to go.

There is a rather handy feature that is FAR more effective in dealing with spoiled brats: Mute.

At this stage in their lives they are not going to learn anything at all Prokofy ... Your excuse for your actions is once more invalid when this is taken into consideration.

Sorry, you don't get to tell me or anyone else for that matter that they are wrong until you take all factors into consideration. This includes human nature.

Prokofy Neva

No, they'll learn, it works beautifully.

You'll be forced to learn, too, when you grow up and get off video games and have to get a real job and such.

I've always thought that Columbine was caused by a combination of TV and video games, which do desensitize people to human suffering, and the drugs they these boys were put on to control their behaviour, to which the availability of guns was added.

Sean Williams

Apparently then Prokofy you know absolutely noting about the way the average human being learns.

Thank you however for confirming that you are one of those little twits that actually believes the party line concerning Columbine. and similar tragic occurrences.

You see the human mind has this wonderful, built in ability to filter out fantasy. This means that a normal person can sit down, play a game, and not be affected at all.

It is those who somehow lack this built in ability of the human mind that are affected.

By the by? While my personal life is none of your business and totally out of bounds for any and all debates, I will tell you this: I do odd jobs around town, generally helping the high school and middle school with their computer systems as well as helping out private residents. It does not pay much as a good deal of my work is volunteer time (the schools) this is still a job.

Get down off the high horse and stay off of it.

Oh, and if you were right about people being capable of changing their ways as they get older then you yourself might have learned the proper way to behave in a civilized society.

Prokofy Neva

How old are you in Real Life, Sean, and do you have a college education behind you, completed?

My conclusions are based on reading all kinds of material out there, from Wikipedia to Salon. I just re-read the Salon piece about the psychiatric evaluation. I've identified the four ingredients that caused Columbine pretty accurately. Psychopathy isn't born in a day, but it doesn't take place in a vaccum, and reach meglomaniac proportions without drugs and video games. One could also add certain goth groups, etc. that add to the mix.

It's terribly hard to the entitlement infants to admit these things, I realize.

The reason I ask about your job, education, and age is that you are either not very bright, or simply unformed yet, and unable to take responsibility for yourself. Either way, you aren't a valid interlocutor.

Sean Williams

Again Prokofy my personal life does not have any bearing on this subject whatsoever, drop it, nor do those horribly inconsistent reports you seem to think are solid evidence.

The amusing part of your little dismissal there Prokofy is that the moment someone comes along that does not buy into your little party line and drink the kool-aid ... why suddenly their opinions and views are invalid.

All because I demand real, one hundred percent irrefutable proof concerning the claims made by your ilk.

Grow a spine and actually attempt to formulate a solid debate line instead of grasping at straws in an attempt to brush aside any and everyone that does not share your world view.

See, everyone is so quick to blame society for just about everything.

This is the last item of my life you get Prokofy.

My own daughter is going to be raised the same way my parents raised me.

She will be home schooled so as to make certain that the worthless twits who seem to think that it is the job of society to instill morals and values will not get their way with her.

The current state of most city and suburban schools is deplorable ... and I do not mean the kids killing kids.

They operate under the mistaken belief that it is their job to rip apart all the morals that the parents have been teaching their kids. This is destructive for those that have instilled good morals and values.

There is not a single one of the kids that went though the local system in recent years that has come out fit for a civilized society.

This needs to stop and stop quickly, otherwise there will be nothing but entire generations of twits that think they are entitled to tell people how to raise their own children.

Prokofy Neva

No one has to buy my party line, I don't care.

But you're merely an annoying, insolent little nit without much to say. So it helps to find out: how old you are, and whether you have any education, to understand whether it is hopeless to even respond to you -- although long ago I concluded: it's not.

There are plenty of people who are brilliant and don't agree with me and whose ideas I disagree with, but you can have an interesting conversation.

You're not one of them, because you never say anything. You merely nit and pick and try to make yourself feel better, as an insecure young male on the Internet. Not interesting.

I have plenty of spine, which is amply demonstrated, and my points are all admirably argued. But it's over your head -- you're just not very smart. It's a report, not an insult. The fact that it becomes an insult is part of the problem of the mediocrity itself.

Home-schooling your kid? I feel sorry for her, frankly, as she isn't exposed then to a variety of intellects, but is stuck with one very mundane one.

The schools are terrible, but fixing them doesn't involve having kids home-school but nutter parents with narrow-minded ideas.

Once again, you have nothing interesting to say. You mouth warmed over platitudes and spout uneducated nonsense.

Sean Williams

Uneducated? sorry to burst your bubble there Prokofy but you're not very bright at all if you actually believe even half of what you write.

Never, ever take any study done as being proof of anything at all if another can come along and use the same test to show a vastly different result.

See, what I do is argue the point Prokofy ... The only time I stoop to your level is when you've truly said something that just pisses me off.

You have no spine in these matters at all as you label your attempted insults as 'reports'.

to be able to actually make any kind of report on me Prokofy, would require you to gather information that you have no right to obtain. Until you have that information all you can do is give your opinion of me ... as that is all I can do concerning you.

See, here's the thing about me Prokofy: I have plenty to say. The problem is you never bother to actually ask for an opinion. All you do is react with the kind of response best left to a preteen message board.

If you want a bit more from me Prokofy, you're going to have to actually interact like a civil human being.

Melissa Yeuxdoux


Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.

Frankie Antonioni

I left the LL Traffic group sometime in May, or June.Not sure when.Sometimes when I read sendthoughts, I read most or all,and sometimes I skim through it.If I skim through it, I might skip to the messages.

On the Herald website, if I see a message that was posted by some one name just me,oh me,or somebody that calls them self no one,then I just skip the messages,and go to another website and read the news.And this will be RL news,so unless I see SL mentioned in Technology Review,or the NY Times,or some other news website,thats all of the news about SL I read.

Mostly I read about current events,also about developements in the new space companies,and about new advances in cancer research.

Prokofy Neva

Just thought I'd catch up on what this nitwit is up to nearly a year later. He STILL has a grudge profile in which his persona in SL is signalled now about who HE is but about his hatred for me.


Now, he has gone and deliberately rented a parcel next to mine. His landlady is already the type to erect ban lines everywhere by making he land group-only.

Sure enough, I get a notice from her that my tenant has a tree waving -- thereby validating my long-held notion that the people most likely to get irritated and bang on you over tree waving are those who themselves are oblivious to even far huger nuisances they are creating on the sim.

I arrive to move the tree a smidgeon -- actually, return it, because I can't move it, it's my tenants' just over the line on a giant ugly block of "grass" that has been put on a lovely rolling hill because the landlady is too helpless to put out a foundation or build with the land.

And sitting on top of this big green grass BLOCK is none other than Unscrupulous Aker, who is the source of the bitching about the tree waiving. Still ranting about me in his profile.

Again, this was a simple problem: seeing that people were squatting and building on an empty lot again and again for days. And catching them, and saying, just because one of your large group rents a small lot and pays for it doesn't entitle the entire group to fly around the sim and build on and squat on the other lots. Very simple concept. Other tenants had bitched about them doing that.

So I returned their prims, and kicked them out of the open group (which of course, they can join again). That's all.

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