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Eyal Sivan

Here we could not agree more: It is not about the tools, it is about the content.

This is probably my biggest gripe with the course so far. They inundate us with tool after tool after tool, as if one extra will somehow raise the bar of connectivity. And it most definitely distracts from arriving at some kind of meaning.

This drives me nuts about Web 2.0 as well. It immediately implies (as O'Reilly intended) that focus be on the tools and not on the substance.

On the other hand, many of these folks are just learning (starting their first blogs, editing their first wiki page, etc.), so be nice! We can't all be SL superstars with 1K followers! Precisely *because* we are not all equal.

What is missing is a mechanism to allow expertise to be measured (i.e. your SL experience), and for those with expertise to carry more influence. This mechanism, ideally, should be algorithmic and transparent.

These are starting to show up: see BigThink, debategraph, Economist online debates, etc., etc.

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