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... where is the link to the audio & is there a video & did you forgert to post the times for each individual statement ...

Prokofy Neva

? I don't do audiotaping of these meetings, it's too much trouble and too hard to get everybody able to use voice, especially on the mainland. I myself freeze if I use it as I don't have the highest-end system. We type. It's much easier.

Of course there isn't a video. Do you realize how much trouble that is?

And as for posting individual time stamps, you have *got* to be kidding. I deliberately turn those off as they are annoying and stupid.

Why not focus on the content for a change?!


oh ... i made a wordle of the talk ... its amazing like a synapse ... check it out ... http://skitch.com/ifsphere/st91/connect

Prokofy Neva

well, look, you seem like a Broken Internet Child, raymon. Are you able to read text and engage with ideas without the toys and blocks to distract you?

Prokofy Neva

Wordles are *completely idiotic*. I never thought that Vernor Vinges scene in Rainbow's End about the shredding of the books would actually *start happening in real life*.

The Wordle is particularly inane because in this setting, it grabs the names of people as somehow "significant" and enlarges them, although they are mere markers of speakers necessary to see who is who in an online text situation. They aren't the essence of the conversation.


... exactly ... read somewhere you liked canadian humour ... after quite an enthralling post my comments were about timestamps & wordles ... will quit the noise now ...

Prokofy Neva

Oh, ok, my Canadian humour radar is rusty, thanks.

Ann Otoole

I avoid these new age concepts. seen them come and go. Penn & Teller would have fun with this stuff. Endless scripts for new episodes of Bullshit.

The most fun is this "wordles" thing. It appears to take "conversation" and turn it into some piles of defecation. Very intelligent.

People should really learn about higher order professor level humor and how it is all about bets to see who can get the most dipshits to go along with bullshit concoctions of theory made over a Friday night drinking session as though it were real.

Darien Caldwell

You know Ann, that's how Scientology started. A stupid bet between science fiction writers. It really is amazing what people will believe.

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