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George Siemens

Hi Prokofy - not sure if you heard the audio, but as explained at the end of the session, in order for the recording to actually "take" everyone has to be logged out of the room (a neat elluminate feature). That's why everyone (including you - nothing personal) was disconnected at the end.

Recordings: http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/connectivism/?p=125

and http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/connectivism/?p=127

Prokofy Neva

Good Lord, George, you're beating your own records. A mere 52 minutes to find out about this post and come setrec.

Do you refresh blog pages or Google reader or watch twitter or just wait for some faithful minion to send you tips? I'm impressed : )

I'm glad to have a link to the tapes, I'll go listen later.

I had on headphones, I clicked on everything that looked like it contained audio, something not working, oh well.

Sounds like elluminate is yet another tool for the influences to meme-spread.

Fleep Tuque

I've had trouble with audio working automatically for me in Elluminate lately, I seem to have to go into some sub-menu and do the audio wizard before I can hear the speakers, and I have to re-do it every time I go into the Elluminate session. That might be why you didn't hear any audio, and I'm sure it would look weird if you're only seeing the backchat and not hearing what the comments are about.

Glad to know that it was just the closing of the session and not kicking someone out out of the blue.

Fleep Tuque

(Oh and if you're not familiar with it, Elluminate is a very commonly used tool in higher education for distance learning, web conferences, workshops, etc. The university where I work has a site license as do most other schools I know of in Ohio. It can be a desktop sharing application, but sometimes it isn't used that way. George and Stephen aren't using some special tool to spread their memes, it's maybe even more common than skype in edu circles.) =)

Prokofy Neva

Actually, George got here within 48 minutes from the disconnection, not to give him his due. And within more like 37 minutes from my blog post. Too bad the blog posts are time-stamped.

Oh, I realize it's an edu thing that all the plugged in e-learning e-lite use.

I'm just saying that it is a very facile thing to be using to spread memes if the moderator can turf off everybody like that just to make a tape stick, and they can't even remain and talk among themselves. Pretty direct, eh?


The conversations in the chat were in actually responding to the audio. Some of us were also twittering at the same time. :)

If all you heard/saw is what you posted, then you missed George saying he was going to kick everyone out so he could save the recording.

We were all winding down and saying goodnight to each other --- maybe that is why it looked so confusing?

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