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Prokofy Neva

If you want to get a sense of that "we're here because we're here" drunk stuff, go here:

You can also see them talking like the scared rabbits of the LL forums about "he who shall not be named".


Oh, so that's what connectivism is...I read some Roland Legrand post about changing Metanomics into "connectivism" and immediately thought, oh here we go...a bunch of ex-philosophy grad students boiling the ocean again.

Do people actually pay for this course in 500 ways to talk to the people you already talk to?

Ann Otoole

Send this stuff to Penn & Teller. Sounds like a great topic for coverage on an episode of Bullshit.

Darien Caldwell

Sorry, I can't even begin to try to read that. It's like someone barfed after eating a bag of buzzwords.

People are free to go off and live in their connectivism world, they'll just be completely disconnected from the rest of society. :\

El Kabong

Oh please, please keep this up. I am not being sarcastic. I want to see some asshole try to use externalized knowledge to drive. Agh!

p.s. I can actually do shit when the power is out.

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