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Desmond Shang

World's a'changin, Prok.

The automobile was once the eccentric hobby of primordial steampunks; now it rules the world.

A scientist transmits an image via electomagnetism in a lab - and next thing you know we got the MTV generation.

And now, virtual land. Listening to NPR I think it was this morning, I heard some media type say that social networks have eclipsed even pornography to become the number one internet use. True? Who knows, but I sense that the future really does belong to online social networks of some form or other.

In this brave new world, even as bad as it has been, imaginary real estate has fared better than the real thing. And anyone who can balance a checkbook in positive territory is now worth more than some ex fortune 500 companies, as of Monday. Ginko and wse-live have nothing on the loony stuff going on in today's global finance market.

* * * * *

Gary Brolsma really does deserve his fame - he's an awesome, funny guy, and we can all tell. It's even better that he wasn't vetted and created by corporations - the internet is a tougher critic than anybody on American Idol.

So embrace your fame; you've earned it. Might as well accept what's good about it, because I'm sure it also comes with a large heaping side dish of baloney.

I wouldn't panic about wikipedia - of *course* it will have a geek focus. Just as some nations will have their own versions of history, or various religious institutions will color the remembrance of history. So now we have the geek prism too. And that's a wonderful thing - we need more viewpoints in the world, not less.

Prokofy Neva

Automobiles pollute the environment, Desmond.

Oil is a reason wars are fought.

Just think of the horrors still to come to our planet from social media...

Rebecca Proudhon

Most definately just "scratching the surface of this topic."

There is a incredibly dumbing down going on and as days pass my tolerance for it deteriorates.

I keep thinking of the POD PEOPLE and KOOL-AID drinkers and am afraid that when these people lose (I really hope) in this current political torture---they are not going to lose gracefully.

This recent hacking of Sarah Palin's email, makes me so outraged.....wlll, it's not pretty...people laughing about on various forums. Truly POD PEOPLE.

The shallowness and perversion of ethics, and the mindsets that the internet geek culture has created, is transforming from simple self-absorbed immaturity into a very dark and dangerous thing.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Yes, Wikipedia is near worthless for any topic of controversy, and has definite leftward leanings.

It's probably pointless to try to rescue the original meaning of "hack", but... Sarah Palin's email account was broken into by someone (apparently the son of a Democratic state congressman) who looked up canonical bad password choices. He's a talent-free, ethics-free jerk who panicked when he realized possible consequences of his stupid actions. It was a stupid and evil act, now being cheered by the "nutroots", and I hope that Governor Palin is learning more about password security.

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