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Cherowolf Redgrave

Hello Prokofy. Jessica (and you) have done an amazing job at Iris. Whatever you paid Jessica you surely got more than your moneys worth. I am honored to be a part of the Iris community. I have tried to blend in as much as possible with my small parcel. I do wish that my neighbor two spots over didn't have their ban lines up. Its very annoying when trying to fly along the walkways. Oh well, it can't all be perfect. Thank you for transforming Iris into a beautiful show place. Chero

Prokofy Neva

Hi, Chero, thanks for your support. I know you have the little church there and an "Iris preserve" of your own. I hope this build will bring more traffic to you, and it seems to go together in its way. Yes, those ban lines are insane, we have to try to get those people to remove them, they are never there, and they make no sense, it's a mistake perhaps. Also the dufus with the build that has been unfinished for a year, and the hugely ridiculous price on his land.

Stephanie Misfit

Very nice build and a great contribution to the community :)

Yumi Murakami

I believe there's a simulation called OLECS (Object Local Environment Coordinate System - http://www.nhk.or.jp/digista/blog/works/20070517_fujiki/index.html ) which is all about the exact spatial phenomena you experience. It even got made into a console game called Echochrome. It's fascinating.

And, other than that, that's a nice build and I really love your idea of teaching. In fact, I've been wondering if it would be possible to make an OI with no words (completely international!) and that sounds like something that could be used..

Clubside Granville

I just wanted to thank Prok for getting the build together and hiring Jessica who I want to thank for such a wonderful build!

I also wanted to point out the near travesty this situation was when I first learned of it. With few remaining "early" builds to begin with, the Lindens decided to keep this one but offload the surrounding area. The Fall of 2006 was filled with wall-to-wall casinos and Iris had them creeping in on the edges along with other blight, enough to force out a wonderful concert spot where I first heard Frog Marlowe perform. The Atoll continent seemed to also be running the slowest servers, or the quantity of water aided in a region with an atrocious frame rate compared to areas I more regularly frequented. Maybe others don't care much for preservation, particularly in a world at that time just celebrating its third birthday, but for me it was precisely this set of circumstances that got me interested in helping.

Now two years on Iris is a frequented Infohub with some nice builds and new user support with only a few blemishes. Hey, does this mean we can get into the Showcase?

Horus Vale

Sounds nice, I'll go check it out. Though, I'm sorry I missed the lanterns with the moths. My avatar is just not old enough to remember that. But, maybe something like it can be brought back there in the future.

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