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Ann Otoole

What is wrong with more word-of-mouth advertising? The entire concept of Secondlife exists without LL advertising. Once the system is scaled to 250,000 concurrency I expect to see SL ads like the IMVU and others who have annoying advertisements infecting web sites all over the place thanks to google ad sense.

Surely you will not complain too loudly about an increase in potential customers? Perhaps you need a ravenglass rentals ad on your blog that slurls in with the not in sl yet button?

Prokofy Neva

I continue to be baffled by this. We already had SLURLS. So...what is it that they are doing? You could already put a SLURL on Twitter or forums or your blog and in theory, anyway, when it worked, people could press it and come inworld -- kinda sorta, after first loading up the game or signing up.

I do see one new bit of stuff now, an easier SLURLbuilder than was there before:


This is an easy-to-use template where you will be able in theory to make your own "ad". I will try this in awhile -- but of course I myself won't be able to get it to work as I already know that on the last two viewers, SLURLS don't work. But perhaps someone else will.

Sean Williams

The difference with these new ones is that a new account sign up will skip the initial island for orientation and go straight to the SLURL they click on.

Ann Otoole

"The difference with these new ones is that a new account sign up will skip the initial island for orientation and go straight to the SLURL they click on."

Exactly. So, for instance, a Ravenglass Rentals website could direct newcomers directly to the Ravenglass Orientation Area thus skipping the Baffling Island phase of the entry process. This also helps to eliminate the reg api aspect that was dumping people onto corporate islands that had nothing but advertisements and no visible means of escape to the real grid. I.e.; corporations hijacking new residents and attempting to make Secondlife appear that it belonged to that company.

This is a large step forward for those interested in recruiting new residents and helping them avoid the idiocracy environments until they have acclimated a bit and will understand that Secondlife has elements they might or might not not care for.

Sadly it also has negative aspects but I won't give those aspects any "air time" at all.

Sean Williams

The entire Orientation Island thing was scrapped by LL Ann.

Now they get dumped on Help Islands and forced to wade through a minimal aspect tutorial - the same one they'll be using with this system as well.

Ciaran Laval

I'm not sure what is so exciting about this, I've been using SLURL's for ages. I thought this was some sort of new tool they were talking about, but it's just a reworking of the orientation system and the SLURL part seems to be smoke and mirrors.

I agree entirely about jobs, I'm currently recruiting a couple of folks but I'll be looking to recruit more people in the future, jobs will help retention and retention helps the economy.

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

There are a lot of great uses for this new Reg API feature. The first that came to mind was how easy it'll be to create entry portals for people who speak various languages. There are a lot of language-learning projects in SL.

Darien Caldwell

Yes, but SLURLs did absolutely nothing for people who didn't already have the SL viewer installed. They got an error message. So for attracting new users, they were literally a dead end.

Now, if you had never heard of SL in your life, and you click on an SLURL, it actually does something, leading you to a signup and a place to download the viewer.

That's about it, in a nutshell.

Prokofy Neva

This isn't new, though. They had this before. And no, it's not a "new REG API" it's merely a SLURL that brings you inworld. It will hit a default registration page of LL, not anything you customize -- that's separate.

And I got all that -- it can be modified to say "Welcome to Ravenglass Rentals" and take them there -- but that was possible before.

Of course, when SLURLS actually work, it may

Ann, the corporate islands, if they were the "traps" you imagine with ads, which I don't view as the worst thing by any means, were chosen by the user at sign-up. That is, he would have chosen the Ben and Jerry's or the Intlibber's Empire by clicking on the icon on the sign-up page.

Go here, to see the "Select a Community" thing that the privileged few still have:

This is the official default sign-up age to which any new person, whom I might attract with my own blog, let's say, will go even if they click on my branded link here -- they don't go to my REG API, which I'd have to code and have running separately than this (if in fact it's working -- I heard that was "down" in general and LL needed to fix it).

So they will still face that advertising from the FIC first, then they may opt to skip this, fill out the form and join, but it's not clear how it goes from there. I'd have to make a new alt to find this out.

Prokofy Neva

Darien, that's not true. They used to lead to the SLURL teleport page. There, it would say Teleport Now or "sign up".

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