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Ann Otoole

If people don't know how to get there then they don't need to be there ort the event doesn't need to be held "in world" at all. Most office hours and events should not be held in sl since it is impossible to have an unbiased and discrimination free event inside of SL to begin with.

SL is not the future of meeting spaces. it is good for something more than power point but that is the extent of it. Human behavior and lack of utter draconian punishments (I know you love for me to say these things prok) for anyone that is arrogant is the death knell for sl as a meeting space.

I.e.; I stopped attending in world meetings after one zero linden office hour where it was an apparent requirement to be a male to be heard.

Prokofy Neva

This wishlisting really strikes me as futile. Groups don't work. Groups can't hold very many people in them. Groups have a hundred things wrong with their interface and databases. So to start dreaming up tagging systems to make contents go into groups strikes me as pointless. It's a bell and a whistle that shouldn't be worked on until you can get down below 70 percent the number of times that chatting in an already selected cards group, for example, gives you ERROR IN CHAT and not deliver the message.

Currently, it truly is not a stretch to make a folder named SOMETHING, and then zip down your calling cards and highlight them to move them all into that folder.

Paisley Beebe

The UI is like a post-it-note, after a while you don't notice it, its right in front of you but it doesn't remind you to do that thing you hoped it would, you get used to it, and it becomes invisible.....we users look at the UI every time we logg in, but we just look at what we understand, and after 2 1/2 years I don't question "what is that "thingumy" for?" I don't see the "no scripts icon" (wow is that what that is?) I don't care about it...its not usefull for me as a basic user, you just use what you need. And ignore what you don't, and fight with what does'nt work like the edit screen! Yes Prok...sigh...and the stupid "in progress events"...never understood the sense in that. There should be a place where we can write all the questions that a noob has about the viewer ....so we can all ask ourselves the same thing? we have all been on this UI for too long, and so have the Lindens, as you said, we don't see it the way a new user does! I would love a new user to take me through the UI..and ask some of those questions I might actually learn something !!! maybe I can use the UI more effectively (or learn a lot of useless information)....I've been trying to get a noob on T.Live to talk about their first hour someone who really remembers it, who has just arrived :) its hard work to find someone..They can't even TP to the studio to start with...But I will keep on my quest...If I do find a few noobies.. who will submit to my interiga....ah I mean questions, who should I have o the other side? to explain things...not a Linden ...I can't get any Lindens on my show it takes about a month just to get a rejection email from the Public relations dept...I sure as hell can't explain the UI! Im not a scripter or a builder or a geek just a regular user! even if I have been on for over 2 years...its all post it notes to me!!!

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