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Ciaran Laval


Fastest voting Jira entry I've ever seen, and a couple of arguments about closing it and what priority it should be in the usual Jira fashion that puts me off using it.

Apparently Linden Estate Services is full of protesters too.

This could all have been avoided with some proper policy planning but heck I guess the amount of land being sold held back a common sense approach to the issue and now we have another fine mess.


I always thought the Linden team was in a coma, but now they have gone suicidal and are taking us all with them.

They are so up their own hype that I bet they didn't realize that smoking in a dynamite factory would blow-up the grid. Actually, I am not sure what is more disturbing--that they did this accidentally (after selling thousands and thousands of voids in last 3-4 months) or that they did this on purpose as a bait and switch.

Well, if they needed proof that their brand is toxic--that at least should be clear to them now.

Ann Otoole

Do people really think kapor, rosedale, and rivers run red (apparently rrr is in control of LL now) care about all these.. (what is it they call us?) ... people ranting and demonstrating? I think it is more likely they are laughing at what is happening and need something very serious to happen to them that puts their rl livelihoods in serious jeopardy. It always takes loss of everything to wake rich people up in the gutter and out of the delusion they are superior beings.

Ann Otoole

Actually... It seems logical for RRR to worm into a control position and then cause LL to make retarded decisions that cause everyone to leave SL. Being as how RRR works gfor google. I mean it would take a complete fool to get suckered in by someone that was once your buddy, left calling your effort crap, goes to the competition, suddenly returns all buddy buddy, and sets you up good resulting in your effort ending and the competition taking over the market share.

Only a complete and utter fool would not see that coming.


Ann--you may or may not know that during Kingdon's keynote speech here in London that he actually stopped in the middle of his presentation (to a much less than full house btw) and let the MD from Rivers do a blatant product pitch on their "immersive" workspace thing. I think I never someone turnover the podium like that before.

My take is that the River's thing is smoke and mirrors and it is hard to imagine even the less competent organization buying it for real money. But wtf do I know... there are many suckers out there and Rivers knows how to work them.

And also Ginsu even was on this hands and knees shamelessly promoting immersive workspace on the Linden blog.

So you are right is sure does look like they are all in the shower together soaping each other up. It is amazing to me that Robin has not learned that playing favourites with pushy, but incompetent "partners" has not worked and will not take Linden to the promised land (wherever they think that is? Or maybe Phil is already there with vague dreams and work in progress software). Did LL forget about the CSI flop? Where is ACS in times of trouble?

I don't buy that even LL is dopey enough to tie-in with Rivers meaningfully. Chatter is that LL is outsourcing the famous "first hour" UI and development to some small firm in San Francisco.

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