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Elanthius Flagstaff

Oh my God, totally agreed on the groups thing. It's way worse than three alts for 75 groups though because if you want to be sure the group won't be deleted you need to put 2 alts in each group so thats 6 alts for 75 groups. And then of course if you're renting land with these groups then each group needs at least one premium alt to donate tier. So now you've got 3 premium alts and 3 non premium just to run a very average sized rental business on mainland.

Also, why exactly can't I allow renters to create roles and add abilities to them? It's very restrictive and very frustrating for renters who expect to "own" the groups their land is in.

That's before we even get into the normal stuff that you mentioned like failing group chat and the weird way you have to open a group twice before you can see the land that's in it.

It seems to me that the whole underlying infrastucture for groups is fundamentally flawed in design and so I'd suggest rebuilding the whole thing from scratch without actually removing the old groups. Much like the way Mono seems to work with both mono and old lsl in place but one presumably deprecated and slowly falling into obscurity and non-use. I don't know the best way to create the new system maybe just plugin some 3rd party app the way we did with voice, windlight, mono etc.

The theory behind groups was good but the execution was poor so I vote for a total redesign.

Gareth Nelson

Something is seriously wrong with either me or Prok. I'm agreeing.......

Ann Otoole

Groups need to be broken into 2 types. One for land related purposes, as originally intended, and one for mass communications and affinity purposes that has no connection whatsoever to land.

Then keep the 25 limit for land groups and remove any limit from affinity groups.

Prokofy Neva

Ann, the groups weren't originally intended for land. Maybe that's why they don't work. Land was an add-on.

Yes, you only need two alts to keep a group going now, down from 3. But you definitely need an alt with all the same powers, in case you accidently leave the group, and then have no way of restoring your powers and access to your land.

I don't see how you can have a simulation of owning the land on the mainland, as you can for islands, given that mainland owners do not have full estate powers. They cannot retain basic ownership of the land if they deed it or turn it over to another group.

I think you can tailor a role of officers that can invite others to the group -- that is one of the check-off options.

Among the annoyances in groups now is that you cannot search for a name in a group. It simply refuses to work. It says they aren't there when they are. So you have to sort by alphabet and go looking.

I'm not sure whether it's the people or the land parcels that bog down a group, or both. I'm not sure that the "whole infrastructure" is broken either, but it is at this point lagging badly.

If everything in SL consists of third-party apps, then...what is Second Life? What is left of it?

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