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Dirk Talamasca

Saw it the other day.. ZzzzZzzz

Tammy Nowotny

If Linden Labs want to pay my RL self $10/hr, I would gladly create a Mole alt and join the gang. I might have a hard time bringing myself to create stuff which isn't clickable. But I need a RL life job which pays more than $100/yr :-)

BTW, the Hyannisport sim is (unless I am mistaken) actually spelled "Hyannasport" and it was a sim they auctioned off last summer on the last new continent. This was back when I was still an active land speculator, and I considered bidding on the whole sim. It was an especially nice sim with a long and relatively unblockable coastline (not that one new sim is much better or worse than any another.)

One of the reasons I backed off is because its name was confusing. The RL place on Cape Code (where the Kennedys keep their sailboats) is Hyannisport. I was worried no one could ever find the place on the World Map.

I have a small shop on a nearby sim called Westerlay... whose name is also a slight misspelling of a picturesque New England coastal location (i.e., the town of Westerley, Rhode Island.)

Prokofy Neva

I'd have to look up the spelling, but in fact there really is a sim, I'm pretty sure it is spelled Hyannisport (maybe there are two) in which there is a Linden build with an infohub planned.

Tammy Nowotny

It is entirely possible that the Lindens have created two sims with homophonic and/or confusingly similar names. For example, there are two old mainland sims called "Specter" (as in Sen. Arlen Specter, where BTW I have another shop) and "Spectre" (as in the spectre of communism which is haunting Europe.) There is no "Spector" as in Phil Spector yet but maybe there will be one someday.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, what they are going to do is now announced: sell 1024 m2 double-prim plots. I wonder if these will get as expensive as Bay City.

Economic Mip

As expensive as Bay City? Probably at first, where people will be bidding up prices to insane levels. However, I really do not think these lots will sell for more than 25k Lindens each after the first batch of auctions, because they are releasing over a HUNDRED of these plots according to the blog.

Tammy Nowotny

BTW, I stand corrected: there is a Hyannisport sim currently but no Hyannasport with the extra "a". I think the Lindens spelled the sim's name wrong when they first created it and then they fixed it later.

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