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Clubside Granville

Yeah, I remember the Moths and when you first told me of their disappearance. They really went well with the temple, or as The Dude would say, "they really tied the room together".

I ventured to Nautilus for the first time today. The idea seemed so silly, who wants to live on a 1024, double prims or not? But I wanted to see what they did... and what do we get, Shermerville, alfresco. I mean it looks like the parody of suburbia Tim Burton did in Edward Scissorhands or that movie Pleasantville, just with a greek/roman bent rather than 50s America. Houses lined up in rows, not much open space (much less an area to rez a vehicle since it's no build, bay-bee), loads of awful Linden trees (has the LOD on those things gotten worse over the years, I don't remember them being so bad).

Anyway, I wonder the same things you do. In my plans for a zoned continent I never even considered such a cookie-cutter build, but if many people can answer yes to your questions, and can afford things after the jacked-up auction prices, maybe the Lindens are on to something.

Ann Otoole

Actually that place's dead town looks like a battlefield 1942 or couterstrike source town or something. I think thats about all the place would be good for. house to house shoot-em-up games.

Curious Rousselot

I went and checked for myself and I still can't believe it. People are really paying $50 to $100 US Dollars in what amounts to "key money" to rent a 1024m2 plot from LL?

If I did the math right myself, I think I saw at least one go for over $400 US Dollars. I can't believe anybody would pay that. Someone please explain to me why?

Prokofy Neva

Here's why:

1. The tier is only .002960 x 1024 m2, even though you get 2048 m2.

2. The parcels are surrounded with Linden land -- the double prims come at the expense of landscaped land. So you essentially have a protected parcel with another 1024 around you that can never change or suffer blight.

3. The landscaping is done well enough so that blighting will actually be hard (though people are good at that!) because the land is terraced and has rocky builds, trees, etc. all around.

4. For the end-user, this means $9.95 plus $5, instead of $9.95 plus 8, perhaps a small difference, but it's a savings.

5. I like the theme and exotic aspects, some people might find the build tacky; I don't. It has been built by top resident builders like Barnesworth as the "moles," I think it's fine.

6. It has enormous traffic right now as people come for a look-see. I was amazed putting a notecard giver on it, that I had numerous clicks, and some sales resulting, more than I get from my classifieds and searches. If that keeps up, it's worth it as an advertisement alone.

7. It already has some nice community aspects, for example a scuba diving company has set up and you can get interesting diving stuff, people have put out ships and homes that fit with the theme, I haven't really seen anything fugly yet.

8. There's a concept that these areas lose value. And yet to my own surprise, Shermerville and Bay City, let alone Brown and Boardman, have never lost value. They continue to command $50 and even $100 a meter -- this is in a sense artificially propped up by a few hobbyists or land barons, but at this point it has gone on for years, and that's the price. So it can be resold for a good price.

Safe is turned on, and you cannot turn it off. Automatically -- it defaults to safe. And that's a good thing.

Prokofy Neva

Sorry , actually $9.95 plus $15 for a 2048 level tier, which this is, as it has 468 prims, on a 1024.

Curious Rousselot

Thanks for explaining it to me Prokofy. You haven't convinced me that it is worth spending my money on it. But you have given some very good reasons for why other people feel it is worth their money.

Personally, I agree with you that the "moles" did a great job on the new Nautilus area. I think it is quite picturesque.

What do you think the rental rates for plots will be?

Prokofy Neva

I have no idea how the rentals will go. I see prices ranging from mine of $1000 in one area to $1500 I have in another area with triple protection on waterfront, to $12,000, if you can imagine it (and not being paid, of course), or $1250. Most seem to be around the $1000-1500 range. I see a few parcels getting rented, but most not. People don't want to pay more for rent than they'd pay to the Lindens in tier, so that means it's hard to charge more than $350 per week for a 1024, because people don't think of the $9.95 subscription fee as something they want to see reflected in a higher rental price.

Even though they could avoid these high purchase prices and rent even for a year for $285, and not pay what they'd be paying to purchase some of these insanely priced lots (the minimum is $185 US aroud 50,000), they still see a rental as not a good "investment". The real-life notion that renting costs more than purchase dies hard.

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