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Sean Williams

I'm sorry .... What?

even I get stuck in the spam filters from some of the places I post to most often, many of them not even Second Life related. If you post too much within certain systems prokofy, the filter is going to flag your IP as belonging to a possible spammer. That is not bullshit, it's a fact.

It is also a fact that they really do not need a reason to block a person's comments. Yeah, it sucks when you have posting ability removed from a site, it is not the end of the world nor is thee reason to get so upset about it.

Now, I'm pretty sure that my own posts here get caught in the filter on occasion. No big deal.

Prokofy Neva

No, Sean, that's bullshit, and you are a puny little asshole for coming along with your usual deeply fucked-up comments.

It's not an occasional accident -- it has happened numerous times, and I just haven't bothered to follow up.

Yes, they need a reason to block someone's comments, as they have to justify themselves, and especially Roland, who has been far too craven about sucking up to these people, when he knows better, and when he is smarter than that.

It's perfectly fine to complain about it, and doing so is proper and right, and not some indication of "whining" or "saying it's the end of the world".

Your own posts don't get caught there routinely, so don't be a dick.

So I'll ban Beyers Sellers now, and Roland, as a measure of reciprocity, until they can get this solved. It's only fair. My rule is that you cannot post here if you cause me damages. Deliberately and arbitrarily banning me from your site without any application of a rule, that's causing me damages. It's not my usual case for "damages," but in this case, they are high-profile enough that they can wake up and fix this issue. Whether it's "a spam filter" (*cough*) or the fact that a ban put in place by Nick back when I was arbitrarily expelled from the old Metaversed, no matter. Fix it, or you don't post here.

Sean Williams

And your point to all of this?

Sorry to have to tell you this but your view on this matter is the one that is deeply fucked up.

No one needs a reason - period. They get to block and unblock as they see fit.

The sad part of this is that you actually believe that they need and indeed have some reason for blocking you.

Your own 'reasons' for blocking some people are about as fucked up as your idea concerning needing a reason to do so.

Blocking and banning a person is NOT 'causing damages' and is about as false a reason as any you have cited.

Christ Almighty ... do as you please but don't use some bullshit excuses to do so.

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