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cheap marketing

Yes Linden has lots of money now, so much they have to start giving it away. When they are going to collect 67% more in tier fees on 10000 islands and milking their residents for every single cent they have they can blow 10000 USD to show how generous they are towards the community.

67% more tier on 1 openspace = 50 USD
50 USD times 10000 openspaces = 500000 USD per month
500000 USD per month times 12 = 6 million USD per year extra profit

10000 USD = 0.16 % of the net profit Linden is making by the 67% tier increase on openspaces.

Give people bread and games so they shut up. That seems to be the strategy of Linden. Since they announced this large tier increase last week Linden suddenly launched a Linden lottery and today they announced they are giving away 10000 USD.

They must be worried now since it's the first time they get the blow of their actions, 500 sims in Second Life have already been dumped last week, it's the first time Linden Lab gets more land returned then is sold. Perhaps they have an issue and now suddenly come up with lotteries, prizes, contents trying to cover up their extortion practises.

Prokofy Neva

You need to use a recognizable first and last SL or RL name or blogger's name to post here.

Your rant is the cheapest and stupidest in the book. I hear it a million times a day on Concierge, and it is said by uneducated nits like yourself.

The Lindens have no objective need to "get rich" from SL. Indeed, it is not a place where you can "get rich". To claim that is to fail to understand the realities of RL costs, Silicon Valley start-ups, etc. etc. They don't make very much money, but they don't care, because they are ideological, and want to influence people, not just make a buck.

If they got back 500 sims dumped, so what? They will press a few buttons and turn them into private islands that people will buy and make less headaches for them, or sell them as mainland down the line, or even wait for someone else to buy an OS sim. How many people are in fact buying them while they're still only $250!

They don't get extra profit from OS in some sort of vacuum, as they take up more staff time and use more resources if people flock to them, and if they make up half the world's actual resident space, as they were just about doing! 13,000 out of 32,000, of which 5,000 is mainland.

Give people bread and games? But all of Second Life is a game and a circus, only real bread for some people in the RenFaire. You can't accuse LL of making distracting entertainment; that's what they're in the business of doing!

They have no need to be "worried" about raising prices and losing 500 customers or even 1500. There's always another guy to buy the island. And as Andrew "Throttle" Linden will tell you, if the world doesn't grow so quickly, and has natural bottlenecks like this, that's ok, that gives the programmers and developers some breathing space to try to catch up with scaling issues, which is more paramount to them than making a buck.

The Linden lottery isn't announced "suddenly," they've had it once a year for five years. It used to mean something to get free mall space like that, but today, it doesn't, as the build doesn't get traffic. The Lottery is a giveaway and doesn't pay them tier, it's a loss leader.

Ciaran Laval

There are a lot of cynical people around, claiming the Linden's will actually profit from their own prize by taking a cut of the money if it's sold for US dollars. Surely they'll at least wave the fee in that case.

There are some fine points being made about people already having worked on such projects but what strikes me is that shouldn't this be the sort of stuff that is in showcase instead of fashion stores?

Relay for Life, the silent assasin campaign from diabetes UK and the Japanese guy who was able to move his avatar with brainwaves are surely the sort of projects that deserve recognition.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, bleh, I hope Relay for Life isn't what they mean. You can raise more money for RFL in a barbership in Peoria. Honestly, if that's over-exposed at this point.

OK, I vote for the Japanese guy who can move an avatar with his brain. I worry about the consequences for overheating his brain pan if he gets a 256 pose bed, but maybe they can supply him with special energy drinks. I think if you are able to get some inanimate thing to move with your brain, no hands, why, the absolute best use you can put that newfound power is to go play Second Life. Absolutely.

The silent assassin thing also sounds pretty well qualified, although I haven't seen it. If you could just keep the sedentary fatties on SL all day, they will eat less, I think, they won't have to put a sign on their refrigerator, "Holy Cow, are You Eating Again?!" because they will be staring at their avatar and forget to go to the fridge.

The idea that the Lindens will profit from the 3 percent fee and $1.00 they collect to have the Lindens go to PayPal is absurd. It's a totally insignifant amount. They earn more off content creators making 3-way cocks in a day than they'll ever earn off that prize, please.

Carl Metropolitan

Prokofy wrote:

"because it's only $10,000, so it doesn't really dent the strained company till"

Since they are paying the prize in L$--which they can print, it doesn't dent the company till at all. It's a win/win for the Lindens. The sum is small enough that it's not going to have any significant impact on the L$ to US$ conversion rate, either.

I'll be amazed if Relay for Life doesn't win, myself; it is the safe and obvious choice. I'd enter NCI, but sadly we don't "achieve[ ] tangible, compelling results outside of Second Life" other than to minimize my real world social life :)

Prokofy Neva

Oh, right. Well, it's a sink. Somebody should do a dissertation on the effect that has on the economy. What it means is that for the Lindens to print a prize, everyone in the world has to take a depression of their wages -- but I can't help thinking that then Supply Linden, if he is going to keep selling Lindens to even up the rate, will then take a beating, and make less cash, so that in the end, the Lindens do pay -- but perhaps not exactly that much.

Yes, I'd enter NCI too, simply because if you can't get to square one with orientation in SL, you won't stay and make that better world to which we're all going to be connected.

Ann Otoole

Linden Lab made L$32,279,150 in october alone from upload charges.

Based on activity in the Public Photo Garden I run LL will have collected more than L$10,000 from that parcel alone over the time it has been operating.

In October LL collected L$187,687,609 while paying out L$133,106,245 for a net of L$54,581,364. So all this talk of "printing L$" for the prize carries little credibility until it is supported by facts.

Ann Otoole

Based on activity in the Public Photo Garden I run LL will have collected more than L$10,000,000 from that parcel alone over the time it has been operating.

Forgot some zeroes.

Prokofy Neva

Ann, uploads are sinks, they don't make money from sinks, that just reduces the money supply. But that enables them to sell Lindens, and Supply Linden makes a half a million per month usually.

Ric Mollor

------Award Criteria---------------
* Work in Second Life that also achieves tangible, compelling results outside of Second Life.

* Distinctive, original work using Second Life that clearly demonstrates high quality, execution, function, aesthetics and technical sophistication.

* Work that has the capacity for inspiring and influencing future development, knowledge, creativity, and collaboration both inside and outside of Second Life.
My .02

Create huge, attractive builds that encourage people to leave SL forever, turn off their computer, and get a real life. Offer plenty of stories of how people have wasted 1,000s of hours, large sums of money, destroyed their lives over a 'game' and are now deeply depressed about it.

Make the build free to copy in all or in part so others can spread the idea to other locations within and outside of Second life. In fact, it might be good to form teams that give the landmark to new users as soon as they rez inworld.

Link the SL component with a 'recovery' web site and offer glowing testimonials of the pleasures of logging off. Show happy families reunited, visiting parks, and enjoying holidays together.

Could that meet the criteria? Or will that Japanese guy and his mind controlled Avie on a 256 pose sexbed be the winner? Pity that the judging will be done by the Lindens and not decided by popular vote. Maybe it would become more attractive to all if it included the all important final steps of..


Yumi Murakami

Face it, it's going to be Immersive Workspaces.

Kendra Bancroft

Actually -- It was Ulrika Zugzwang and (myself) Kendra Bancroft that were granted Anzere for Neualtenburg for a period of 4 months (which was then renewed for another 4)

It was legitimate contest, and as you mentioned, we still had to manage tier.

Gwyn had not yet joined us at this point.

Otherwise --nice post.

Prokofy Neva

Good Lord, Kendra, a blast from the past. Yes, of course, how could I forget the primary role of SL's Communist No. 1. Forgive me. It wasn't legitimate, because it only had one winner. When I've had contests in SL that only got one or two applicants, I extended the deadline and beat the bushes. LL could have done the same thing; they didn't. It was a giveaway from Haney Linden.

I was careful to say that you had to pay tier, because every time this giveaway, valued at $1500 or so US at that time, is mentioned, we have to hear about how it wasn't really a giveaway because you had to pay tier. Big deal. It was still a giveaway. I don't believe you got to resell it at the end, however, I think it was taken back by the Lindens to make an infohub, which you all got to put content in, so you kept your ties. That's fine, I have a hub I develop that way too, the difference is that I bought the land around it for $8/meter, or in some cases, $15/m.

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