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Jane2 McMahon

It's a very odd pick...someone political to deal with the bureaucratic side of government. And someone no one has to be nice to any more after Tuesday, to boot.

The ad itself was odd...for a company looking for a government liaison, why would they want someone hq'd in DC specifically? Kind of leaves the local/state/foreign governments out in the cold, as anyone federal is very much in a particular mold.

Prokofy Neva

No, Jane2, are you kidding? If Scott were Press Secretary, nobody will have to be nice to him after Tuesday. But if he was Operations Chief they will have to be nice to him forever. It's like the General Department in the Kremlin which rules the country.

Of course a government liaison has to be in Washington! The contracts they'll get will be federal in nature, from various agencies on science, education, health and welfare, diplomacy etc. etc. You don't set up office in Columbus, OH and go for the contracts in Ohio -- that's not practical.

Washington is where people go to their Congressmen to get the pork for their state anyway.

There's another thing to understand about LL hires. We often go "Huh?". But we're forgetting that at that level, the people going to LL are not the ordinary sort. They hire who they get to apply. It's like us. We could take this money and put it in a CD and make more out of it, doing nothing, instead of long hours of ingratitude. If we are creative, we could make real life art for real life galleries or magazines and get more real publicity. So, like us, at one level they are "people with no lives" lol.



And this coming in after all that news about US spy agencies concerned that Terrorists/Criminals are using Warcraft as a base of communications.

I'm getting a psy-ops feel to this. And I thought LL just wanted to make it big and sell out like Blizzard Entertainment.

No, instead they want our brains. LOL

Ann Otoole

lmao... if the NSA wants in they will be in. Disney actually has a department named NSA rofl. NSA doesn't even need to have a presence in LL. SL is 100% internet based comms so they can monitor at will. I'm sure the NSA is interested in reading furry sexcapades. *rolls eyes*.

This is about having some contacts in the Beltway game to protect Linden Lab from being run over by the likes of Google and Microsoft as well as grabbing up some taxpayer dollars for various things. I.e.; if LL wants to compete with Forterra for government simulation money they need some influence people period.


A lot of Republicans, particularly Hill staffers and political appointees are applying for jobs and floating their CV/resumes in anticipation of election day.


yeah, anns right..
prok went conspiracy nut on us right before our eyes...lol

LL and the runners couldnt get "strategic" even if it was tattooed on the smalls of their hippie backs...

and this washington insider is as much a AD man as M...lol


Khamon Fate

I don't see the article as being all that conspiratorial, but simply saying that we all, including the bulk of LL employees, may've been duped into building a virtual world for the express purpose of positioning a few people into fat cat government funded think tank positions.

The theory is heavily supported by making every single one of those "wtf were they thinking" moments we've experienced over the years make perfect sense.

Still, that's all just business for them. We just have to hope The Grid All Hail The Central Grid continues to be useful to their quest for the gold; and that they don't kick us off for being in the way.

Prokofy Neva


We are in the way, in a very real sense, but for now, they need us. And it might be that they can pick their way through the thicket of conflicting interests and not piss off any one segment of their diverse clients in 6 economies, as I've noted. That will be no mean feat. The economy thing is probably what they'll have to drop at some point, I realize. It's so much work balancing and is fraught with so many problems of policing and fraud prevention.

Maybe the government can help them with that.

Tammy Nowotny

The party affiliation is probably explained by the fact that a Republican President is leaving office and (I am writing on Monday nite and hopefully I won't sound like an idiot on Wednesday morning) a Democratic President is on his way in (along with several Democratic Senators and Congresspersons.) The best Democrats are biding their time waiting to see what the Obama Adminstration does. They are less likely to be interested in a job with Linden Lab right now.

Even if McCain wins, there will be a big shakeup, because McCain (even though his actual policies are McSame) is a very different type of Republican from Bush II.

Gigs Taggart

Heh, this post is causing your blog to get McCain-Palin ads from the ad network.

Ann Otoole

Guess she should have used different words for the title then Gigs.


His resume on linked-in says white house operations manager http://rezzable.com/blog/rightasrain-rimbaud/republicans-selling-virtual-land-democrats not sure if that is like being a bank vice president, he was definitely not the chief. I guess this might mean you could cut him some slack? or not cause where is dem WMDs anyway? maybe we make some for him in the virtual world?

Ruprecht Fein

Did Ann actually post twice without mentioning a law suit?

How extraordinary.

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