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I don't think internally they really believe this PR stuff.

I think they know this is just window dressing on a shrinking userbase and a shrinking economy trying to absorb a massive "tax" increase.

The certification thing was dead for a while, but there has been some activity in that group lately. The way I understand it though, certification won't be for "solution providers" as much as for individual people in SL. Basically, it'll certify the subcontractors, not the contractors.

Paddy Wright

Not sure who in the UK LL world checks the news clippings but they 'missed' this one!

The Daily Mail is the second most popular newspaper.


Orange Montagne

"Axe of the Leviathan" ...lol... where can I get that album?


Who is Vint Falkin?

Prokofy Neva

Vint Falk is the name, vintfalk.com -- it was a typo.

Ric Mollor

RE: The Daily Mail article.

I think the comments on the article are a fair indicator of the general public's opinion of SL. If studies have revealed that WoW players are reluctant to reveal their participation in that game I wonder what sort of embarrassment users of Second Life suffer.

Compounding the hurt is Reuters cutting back on their Second Life coverage and their 'embedded' reporter Eric Krangel writing

"The very things that most appeal to Second Life's hardcore enthusiasts are either boring or creepy for most people: Spending hundreds of hours of effort to make insignificant amounts of money selling virtual clothes, experimenting with changing your gender or species, getting into random conversations with strangers from around the world, or having pseudo-nonymous sex (and let's not kid ourselves, sex is a huge draw into Second Life). As part of walking my "beat," I'd get invited by sources to virtual nightclubs, where I'd right-click the dancefloor to send my avatar gyrating as I sat at home at my computer. It was about as fun as watching paint dry."

Ouch. He certainly didn't mince words about that.

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