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BJ Tunwarm

"In fact, the Palace looks for all the world like a mall in Paramus, NJ with plenty of parking."

Or some dump in Greece.


Prokofy Neva

But did they have a Chuck E. Cheese's at that Minoan thing? I think Minoa is about 20 miles past Paramus, before you get to Smyrna.

Tammy Nowotny

the reason the designers use that boring 18% grey color (aka Battleshio grey) all over the place is because that is the color of an unrezzed texture. That way the design still looks kinda like itself even when the textures refuse to rezz. If LL ever changes what we see when the textures doesn't rezz, those designers will all be screwed :-)

Blaccard Burks

Nautilus is already being gamed... people like Kaleria Heart or whatever her/his name is have money to burn just to trash the sim. She has erected huge protest towers with multiple protest signs on them already devaluing the sim. A great move on her part since by trashing the sim auction prices will drop simply because who wants to pay good money for a sim that can't enforce zoning.... I would gather that the idea behind this move is to devalue so either she can purchase more at a lower price or she is simply a fuck head...

Prokofy Neva

I was informed by Swashbuckler today that Kalyrra was forced to take down some of the towers, possibly because they had multiple signs on them.

The Lindens made a fatal error on not putting in convenants on these parcels, which they could have easily down, as they supposedly are planning to do on whole sims. They could have kept it very simple, saying "no builds over two storeys" which is about all you can safely have on such flat land without destroying everyone else's view.

Unfortunately, big Linden walls and big crystals and palaces make some people feel like they want a "Manhattan" look and they put up huge tall towers, even though 468 prims can't get them too far with any substantive home. However, as we all know, 468 goes an awfully long way to making a vanity tower very high with hardly any furniture in it.

I have an idea. Let's start a two-year long campaign -- three would be nice, too -- to get the Lindens to ban high towers in Nautilus. We could get 5,000 signatures, which is about all you can get in SL; we could start 40 different JIRAS; we could camp Linden office hours; we could make big signs that will be taken down from our properties even as the towers are allowed to stay; we can demonstrate; we can have actions, blogs, forums threads of 2,307 entries without a single Linden entering the thread. But I think the Lindens will be willing to work with us on this in about, oh, 2-3 years time.

Blaccard Burks

Yes, when I saw that I realized that now she is just doing that to grief the residents and the Lindens. So be it. If she wants to shit where she eats, let her. My dog doesn't even do that. I'm not buying or bidding on that place because of that alone. Obviously the abuse reports work but she should get her account suspended and they don't even do that.

Prokofy Neva

They should have suspended her back when she perpetrated the crime of spamming with ad farms and extorting. But they couldn't bring themselves to do that, ever utopian in their thinking. So naturally she is getting her revenge now because they dealt with her in only half-measures. Now they've feel like guilty liberals banning her, because she'll make it seem that it's over her protest of the openspace price hikes.

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