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Clubside Granville

I hope my belief in Premium Membership isn't unique, but what do I know? To me being Premium is a vote or the Lindens. It says I am a resident of Second Life. Despite my habitual bitching about Second Life's technology, it's the principles that got me to pay for that first year's Premium Membership that keep me here: the Mainland, which is the only connected grid of substance in any online venue; the power to build whatever is possible with the tools provided; the ability to sell what you build, and the ability to buy what others offer for sale; and to take these features and combine them in combinations from the people who provide public spaces to the small home owner happy to share their space with a few friends to the successful builder with a huge space to ply their wares. Anyone who believes in this concept should be showing their support through Premium Membership regardless of its benefits.

As to the notion that island owners or anybody are subsidizing the Mainland, beyond that erroneous notion is the reality: the Mainland is Second Life. It is where new residents first appear and unless they were brought in by someone, likely to be the place they stay for some time. Forget about the ban lines, ad farms and hideous megaprim security walls, the Mainland represents the connected grid, thousands of places to explore. Take off in any direction and you never know what you'll see. That innocent notion, not knowing what is around the corner, is what will keep a new resident (as long as that is enough, the majority still don't count that as something to do when asking, "what is there to do?"). You don't find that on even the largest connected private estate. In case anyone reading this forgot about this notion, pull up the map, teleport somewhere on the Mainland and just start walking or flying around. There is more imagination there than you may care to concede.

Prokofy Neva

I heartily agree with all those concepts, Clubside. But the reality is, that those concepts are concepts of an Elks Lodge or a Society for the Adoration of Jesus, or some other closeknit neighbourhood group based on faith and good works.

It is not a modern concept for widely unrelated disparate superficial people on the Internet. They need to buy a product, not get inducted into a guild for dues. The Lindens also don't see this any more as a marker of faith. M Linden surely doesn't; he told us in the interview that memberships are no longer relevant to their business.

And they aren't. They are in the media business, and media doesn't exist on subs, it lives off ads. So this place can't live off ads quite the same way, it has to live off selling space, which is still kind of like selling the space of ads, only different. But not THAT different.

The bad news of the news helps sell the good news of the ads, we were always taught about the news biz.

You're absolutely right to remain starry-eyed, as I do, about the connected, contiguous mainland.

I was talking to a sailor today, a long-time neighbour. Interestingly enough, he said he enjoyed sailing around the mainland more. I guess he wasn't so comfortable being in those island sailing clubs that have their entry bars and dramas, or perhaps you feel a little bit as if you are portaging too much to get there. There's something about navigating those Hidden Lakes sims tht even I find fun doing in a dinghy.

People do overrate the ban lines. The ban lines are not the great barrier that the privacy gates of the islands are. I can't comfortably go and explore somebody's set of islands without them ejecting me and thinking I'm a griefer. On the mainland, it's normal for me to drive down a Linden road or fly around from sim to sim because they are meant to be flown into.

The Lindens just aren't looking in this direction now, they are trying to grow those office sims and educational sims, and that's more their cup of tea now.

Rock Ramona

i used to own a mainland sim and was a premium member for 3 years.i loved ocellata and all my neighbors,we all had nice homes and builds,we sat on protected water and i spent hours sailing the mainland isles.its so true about meeting nice people there and having the freedom to sail or fly anywhere you want.then some jerk buys a plot next to me and puts in a mall with laggy vendors and a giant volcano with poor scripting and not only lagged out everyone but ruined a nice peaceful residential area.i suddenly could not fly,or take my friends waterskiing,and thats what sl was all about for me.luckily for me,as a joke i put the property up for sale for twice what i paid for it,and in an hour had a buyer.i sold it,but i was very sad and angry that this had taken place.i had told the lindens about my perils but they told me they could do nothing for me,so i cancelled my premium account and have rented offf and on since then.for some people the island satisfies them because they look out and see an endless sea.when im on an island,i feel that i am trapped in a big bubble and it totally ruins my sl.if the lindens were able to set up sims and keep them themed and zoned properly i would buy on the mainland in a heartbeat.but these new attempts at that in bay city and nautilus are going to fail.ive been to both and looked around and looks to me like over priced slum areas with no taste or control whatsoever,after all this time they still dont get it,or just dont care.the sailing sims are the closest thing to doing it right,but sadly now they are being threatened by the price increase....siiiiigh...but i still log in,everyday,hoping and praying that someone can get it right while im still here to see it

Ciaran Laval

I own estate and mainland and I like both of them. Whereas I'd love to see the gap between Island and Mainland tier close, estate is a superior product and that should be reflected in the cost. By superior I mean it gives the owner more controls and features. That's generally how things work out. The television with the better features costs more.

The figure that is missing however is the average tier cost of mainland because many miss the point that it's perfectly feasible for a mainland sim to raise more in tier than an estate sim.

The land for sale statistic does include estate sales as far as I'm aware. The one on that page anyway, the figure Jack quotes (Which is over L$5 per metre) doesn't include estate or group land sales.

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