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Its is strange that LL has no interest in it's premium subscriber accounts when every other game world counts them as their most important asset.

Do they consider themselves above that kind of business dealing? Or do they have something in line that is bigger.

I've read that military research tanks are rolling out AI bot experiments in Eve Online and Warcraft. But no indications that this will happen in SL.

Darien Caldwell

Well, he did point out the in-world economy shrank 11%, and did allude they expect poor numbers next quarter, although he shrouded it in the usual corporate speak. :)

I don't fault him for doing what CFOs do, try to spin financial data into the best possible light. The important thing is, LL knows the truth and so do we.

Darien Caldwell

meloneme, LL makes far more form Sim Tier, Lindex Fees, and other serivces (sim renames, transfers, etc) than they could ever possibly make from Premium Memberships. Other 'games' don't have any way to make money other than premium memberships. Comparing the two is rather useless.

Ciaran Laval

To be fair to Zee his performance in the forums was bloody marvellous. Compare Zee to M who made a pissy comment at the end of the discussion he was supposed to be involved in and it's absolutely no contest who is the more customer savvy.

If there's a downturn in the next quarter and I'm not even sure why I'm saying if, I hope they don't try and spin it as being due to the global economy, it's due to their mistake, something Zee recognised.

Prokofy Neva

I wonder what rabbit they will pull out of the hat to distract from those bad numbers next month.

Yes, Zee's performance in the forums was brilliant, and...I want Philip back.

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