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Ciaran Laval

Yes probably time to change the pictures and two of the slogans but the iconic "Build your dream house Get Land" which still makes me think "Build your dream house Get Laid" needs to stay!

HatHead Rickenbacker

hahaha - get M on that right away!

Crap Mariner

I was at Torley's office hours this week... he's wanting to get those updated with Windlight shots

Khamon Fate

We've been playing with this a bit over at SLU:


Prokofy Neva

I never saw the "Get Laid" part -- but that is so VERY Bub Linden, I think he's the one making the websites.

And of course, if we get into the subliminal advertising, the girl's upthrust leg calls to mind an erect cock that this new home-owner now has as he prepares to "get laid". Yes, it all makes sense now.

Off to try to figure out where the sex is in the shoes...help me out here...

Prokofy Neva

Crap, I don't know what is most tool-like about your post:

1. The fact that you actually *went* to a Torley office hour. *Blinks*. Ok, perhaps you had your reasons.

2. The fact that you are touting Windlight like the Lindens, when it lags so many of us to death and destroys UX.

3. The fact that a Torley Windlight photo on the front page would be even more irksome and annoying than these pictures but you don't seem to acknowledge that.

4. The fact that you posted these two things here

Obviously, in a world with a zillion resident talented builds and activities, resident photos should be revolving on that website, and could be featured to promote good feeling among residents, rotated daily. It would cost nothing to do that. Most grownups in the real world with mass media sites update their website once or even 2-3 times a day. It's a quick upload to update the photo, or create a shifting set of photos as we have now, only more varied.

In fact, you may recall the website used to be run that way, but they took it down as it was user generated and a lot of smut would end up on the front page, along with a lot of land for sale ads.

Cube Republic

top picture....wheres the guys hand?
shoe-shot.....friendship,socializing, shopping- activities woman enjoy. Green and red dresses, a pleasant contrast. However what is the girl in green doing, drawing a pistol to waste the commi fic mole displaying her party loyalty?
Max minimal house shot....multiracial thing going on there, very PC, framed against a perfect background of 50s Bauhaus inspired flatpack house.

Also a well known garden center features in two of them, could there be a 'tree conspiracy'?

GoSpeed Racer

Oh god yes! The shots they use are so old and poorly processed. There are hundreds of Flickr feeds they could scour to find a suitable replacement. What with Windlight, new skins and colorful clothes you can show how gorgeous Second Life can be.

Nicholaz Beresford

Since they appeared I thought these pictures were pretty lame.

As much as I dislike the showcase, but each of the photos there would be a blast compapred to those shop, build, get-laid pictures .

Ric Mollor

It's interesting that the web site of a 'game' (SL) that has very high system requirements looks like a web 1.0 throwback with no rich media or flash objects present. Take a moment to compare SL's offering to that of Guitar Hero (http://hub.guitarhero.com/ ) or social virtual world vSide (http://www.vside.com/app/start ). The difference is striking and seems to reaffirm the observation that the majority of SL users have no experience with modern gaming.

It's also interesting that the promo photos for Anshe Chung's "Dreamland" (http://dreamland.anshechung.com/ ) are very old pre-windlight screenshots while ACS's IMVU page (http://imvu.anshechung.com/ ) is more modern and feature rich.

Linden Lab certainly doesn't seem very interested in promoting it's primary product and income source.

Ann Otoole

Hey Ric you might want to read up on why a company called Big Spaceship is being paid to revamp things.

If they need new pics I can do them nicely. So can about half a million others in SL too. LL would do well to run a photo contest and use the results.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, the Lindens could garner a lot of good will right now if they had a photo contest, but one that would have lots of winners who would refresh the page a lot. Weekly "Photos of the Week" would be enormously well received and show off the platform better than that china doll they have on there now with the boyfriend doing...something with his hand.

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