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Wish I could get fategardens.net listed on World of SL; but I'm not persistent enough.

Is there some sort of patch to fix this in Typepad? Do you have any access to the code?

Ginevra -TypePad Community Manager

have you already had a chance to file a ticket with suport on this issue? I'd love to try to help you get this sorted out.

Prokofy Neva

Ginevra, I did file a support ticket. I was told it was a Feedburner problem. I don't buy it, because I went and did all the troubleshooting on Feedburner and it didn't change anything at all.

I looked through my tickets and found this was a problem a year ago and at that time Typepad said it was a bug they were working on. You are welcome to go in and look at my trouble tickets for the last year and see what's up.

Prokofy Neva

Khamon, re: Fate Gardens. You have to keep bugging Tao Takashi of Procrastination Industries to put you on. The name says it all! I wish you would, as I am tired of reading about new blouse sets and my spammed entries on that thing.

I see other blogs that aren't Typepad but not Feedburner doing fine. I see mine spamming. I see the Herald, which is also Typepad, not spamming. So perhaps there's a glitch on mine, but I can't find it.

If your comment that about "seeing the code and getting a patch" is some ironical comment about this not being opensource (although I think parts of it are), then even if it were, I wouldn't be accessing code now, would I? And I am more than happy with Typepad, and if they have proprietary code, God bless them. I'm happy to go on paying them to have me access the use of their proprietary code. I don't like Drupal and all those other sorts of DIY sites that everyone raves about but that are hard for dummies to use and hard even for people to read and annoying in their lay out, like YourSecondPlace.

Ciaran Laval

And there I was thinking you were gaming the system ;)

Is your timestamp changing?

Wordpress is ok and would allow you to keep this sort of layout. There are adsense friendly templates.

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So perhaps there's a glitch on mine, but I can't find it.

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