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Jago Constantine

Just for the record, Skills is female.

AlterEgoTrip Svenska

what now, you hating on Torley??? geez!

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Hehe well, FIC list... so when someone posts what they like in SL, you complain :) Really, everybody has different tastes, you can't argue with M because he left people out — and now you know he doesn't read either your blog or mine ;)


Oh, he reads my blog -- or he has his minions read it, just like they read yours. Look at the inner pages of the SL Wiki and see their monthly report on press around SL, in which they cite my blog, and your blog.

Jack Linden may have stopped reading blogs. I think he has. I think he stopped even glancing at planet.worldofsl.com He's been immersed in his job's challenges and the company internal propaganda and debates. This will change.

What M posts about "what he likes" is more a fascinating tale about how political correctness from a group concerned about its "soul" passes on its values to a newcomer than any actual love of M's. M's love comes out only in his random picking of a cyberpunk sim and a Japanese sim (typical of Californians) -- and hardly any other foreign-language sims whatsoever (for a platform with only 40 percent North Americans or whatever, you'd never know it from M's picks. I should have mentioned that).

Ciaran Laval

Well I guess they'd say it's an example of how unbiased they are that M includes a location that actively protests against price hikes.

Personally I think they just didn't notice, but heck I'm cynical like that.


Nope, he blew it, somebody didn't notify him in time.


lol - was certainly a surprise to see the SOS campaign kiosk in your pic... please note that the SOS Campaign is not directly related to the art gallery - that gallery is just one of a number of locations serving donation kiosks... for the SL Shakespeare Company's SOS Campaign.

Prokofy Neva

So Ina, are you saying your sim, featured by M, is NOT closing and NOT trying to raise money, but has put out a kiosk for ANOTHER sim which is the Shakespeare one?

Even so, everybody TPing from M's post is going to get a faceful of the story.


no, no, no... ugh, let me try to explain it from the bottom up:

1. I don't own the depo sim where you took that pic in.
2. The SOS campaign kiosk is similar to an RFL campaign kiosk* in that anyone can take a copy and rez it anywhere to help gather donations, each of which is tracked publicly on the Campaign website.
3. The depo sim is just one of many locations hosting a donation kiosk.

Modus ponens out of that - surely you see what I mean?...

* The SOS Campaign is not related to RFL or ACS. The SOS Campaign's purpose is to raise funds to save the Primtings, Shakespeare, and sLiterary island sims by raising enough funds to pay for either 6 months or 1 year of tier - so that the SL Shakespeare Company can plan and execute (at least part of) their 2009 season. Also, when we hit the 4-year mark for charitystar to evaluate us, we do anticipate to also maintain the 4-star mark (as opposed to ACS' 1-star mark).

btw is there a way to have these comments ping me or something when you reply?

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