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Ciaran Laval

I don't remember saying Nautilus was boring, I just think there should be more to do out there, the same as Bay City. Hopefully the theatre will be open soon, if it isn't already. For the prices people have paid for those parcels I don't mind seeing them getting a boost at all.

The idea that there has been no favouritism here is an absurd notion and Jack seems to be banking on people who find something a little distasteful with this partnership being shouted down as killjoys.

The ban issue isn't one I'd considered, surely USS aren't going to have control of the ban hammer on Linden controlled land?

USS are getting a massive boost out of this, plenty of other openspace owners would love to have that courtesy extended to them.

PS if anyone is having trouble posting on this blog fill your details in again in the information section.


But they will, Ciaran, that's the point. Here's what Jack told me precisely, when I asked, "Um, Jack, who gets the ban controls?"

"We do, it is linden land ultimately, but the uss group officers will also have the usual group land abilities to help during race events. Why do you ask?"

"The usual group land abilities" means...what, exactly? Is this Linden Land that is *set* to a group -- no. It is *group land* says Jack. That means...Linden land, owned as a private island, but deeded to that group. How else can you have "group land abilities".

For example, the Governor Linden land in Ross infohub is set to my group Pharos Properties under this system of resident-developed infohubs (there are 14 of them). But that doesn't enable me to terraform, link, ban, put in a URL -- or do anything but just set out a prim.

So...what are these "group land" perms that MTW will get? Will the Lindens make MTW an officer of the LDPW and give him the power to deed a security orb?

I'd like to see precisely what the dials are.

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