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Nana Mouskouri

The Princeton sims are pretty but seem a bit useless. Full of snow, and trees. Unless I've missed a sim, there doesn't seem to be any place to hold classes?

Ann Otoole

IBM is in heavy with Forterra Systems and the OLIVE metaverse platform that is being heavily marketed to become the compelling place to be for businesses and educational institutions. Why you can even integrate with IBM Sametime® in that system. Interestingly IBM Sametime® is a Lotus product which means it is a rather interesting circle after all.

Second Life will continue to be the best and most advanced grid but the corporate and educational use cases appear to be going with real companies that know how to wine, dine, and powerpoint executives and university administrators properly. Yes Linden Lab needs to be taking the radical step of donating sims to universities for legitimate research projects. Not jacking the prices up on them. It is a recession period and people must make sacrifices to survive. But then what happens if they do donate a sim? what if the sim is instantly transformed into a griefer training camp in the name of "research"? Perhaps the Lab has second thoughts about such things.

Mostly I suspect it is a matter of money in a recession.

Saffia Widdershins

Just to clarify something: Princeton is dropping its four Open Space sims, which have been used for well-known art installations. The full sims that it has, it's keeping. I'm sorry if that didn't come through clearly enough in the article.

But I agree - it is a definite step back. And I also agree with you: this about is more than the money.


As all these companies and schools are leaving, I find it interesting that the military is taking more of an interest in SL. I wonder about that and what they will use SL for is not art.

Interesting quote, I always find it fascinating that everyone always ignores the fate of Piggy in that book. The very heart of the story. Hmmmm.

AlterEgoTrip Svenska

Melponeme- you raise a very accurate point to this, the military has taken up interest in SL, and it shouldn't be of any surprise that it has, its a hotbed of putting to use the technical information and social information people have accumulated.

Right now, its a transition point, with the economic systems being ravaged like in Iceland.. its hard to say what will happen, but the US militery within a system such as this, well its a bad sign. I suppose they could establish themselves in some other online world such as WoW or whatever game with stratigic goals completely in mind, but then, there would be a lack of really spying on the social network systems... the heart of SOME and their inner psychological temtations..

If many academic institutions withdraw, its probably due to funding cuts for certain areas, such as art and culture because this is the "normal" place where SL's enthusiasts sit.. but I feel that exploring the psychology of SL is a valued tool, Prokofy herself/himself could probably be a wonderful subject matter ;)

Nana Mouskouri's sister Enid

I observe that both Scope Cleaver and AM Radio just happen to be in the Not Possible In RL Members Group and it is certainly NOT a promotion of this group in any way shape or form by Princeton !


The military already -owns:)- forterra. They dont need SL tech from LL.

The military -navy- was one of the only left -funding- web3d in the early 2000s, after the first vr worlds-web3d bubble fell apart due to the same errors and control - greed shown by the current "industry" leaders.

Anyhow- Christmas Eve, Worlds Inc sent notice sueing NCSoft for using their patents on vr worlds methods.

The worlds inc suits will get ugly.


I think the Military is mainly interested in WoW, SL and other worlds because they want to use all of us as the unwitting testers of their Bot Tech.

WoW users were up in arms over the fact that Blizzard won't do anything about Gold Spammers because of the military intentions to release bots into WoW. But just as everyone was getting all steamed up about it, the stories ended.

Except for the jokes. Everyone and their mothers were claiming to be military bots. LOL

AlterEgoTrip Svenska

Melponeme, I know this is a cheap joke, please forgive me if this is out of line, but do you think the possibility exists that Prok maybe a Bot???

*composes self and trys not to giggle*

sorry about that my friend :)

Aldo Stern

I suspect that those who have already commented that this "isn't about the money" are correct.

SL is, in fact a reasonably priced means by which an organization or institution can begin experimenting with the creation and use of 3D virtual environments for education and business purposes.

But cost is not the only factor that drives decision making.

Experiments are something we hopefully learn from. And what has been learned by many of those institutions that have come into SL to experiment so far? Some indication of what they have learned is summed up in the goals of Sun Microsystems'"Wonderland" project. Apparently many organizations--one suspects Princeton may be among them--have learned that what they need from the provider of a "multi-user virtual environment" for education/business purposes "is to provide an environment that is robust enough in terms of security, scalability, reliability, and functionality that organizations can rely on it as a place to conduct real business."

So, how much does that sound like SL? Security? Reliability? Functionality?

It is entirely possible that the bottom line is that LL has already screwed the pooch and blown its window of opportunity with the education people. Schools have been trying SL out, and to a great extent, it seems to have given them a sense of the potential that is inherent in such environments. But at the same time, there are indications that many institutions are concluding that in the current state of things, they do not see LL as a viable provider of what is needed to see that potential fulfilled.

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