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Crap Mariner

"the SLLU magnetizes the loons and extremists of the hard left like nobody's business in SL, and they're impossible to reason with."
(could somebody PLEASE make a more credible leftist group in SL!)

Agreed on the SLLU. Nothing but Marxist griefers who, despite socialized medicine, refuse to take their meds and can't quite figure out how all those carfires start after sweet, innocent students and immigrants gather peacefully to harmlessly throw rocks at riot police. Every group they ally with is just cover for the rot at the core.

Cafe Wellstone and the Netroots folks come close to the goal of credibility. The folks at the head of those groups want to earn recognition through reason, not reaction. And I think as the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triangle rattles and shatters, they will settle in as a "we can do better than this" activism hub.

But as with all Left on the grid, it's inevitable that the Bush Derangement Syndrome kicks in, a repugnant statement leaks out, and I find myself looking for something else to do.

You'd think people would tire of it, or at the very least, leave it to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Oh well. Prims need dusting again, and the ferryboat won't set its own course.


Prokofy Neva

I'm not so familiar with Cafe Wellstone but the Netroots are fake. I'm going to blog about that soon.

Leaving it to Stewart and Colbert is exactly what they've done, and that will catch up with them, you can't run a country from Cartoon Netwook.

Crap Mariner

Well, Comedy Central, certainly not, but Cartoon Network - Dexter's Lab is the BOMB.

The solution to every problem is a gigantic robot.


Prokofy Neva

Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, it's all the same to me. I haven't had a TV in 3 years. I did used to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog, though.

LifeFactory Writer

This is F*ing hysterical!

The last time I was attacked online by a troll, I was accused of being a "Cheney Lackey." Now I am being accused of "skewing to the "sectarian Left" and railing against bourgeois imperialism? Hysterical.

Is there truly no intellectual context (beyond The Economist) in the whole of popular culture that has the intellectual integrity and acumen to either recognize or absorb the philosophical touch stone I proudly adhere to: "The Radical Center?"

At no point did I utter or even think a single "leftist" or other sectarian sentiment. And I must point out that the Babel Project is one of the organizations I very favorably featured in my film "Life on Life" (which you should all see, if you have not: http://blip.tv/file/1047096).

Proki-poo is a bit of a simpleton, to say it politely, and I certainly will not spend my time here clarifying for her the logic behind my very reasonable questions regarding logistics and journalistic fact-checking-- not ideology.

Someone sent me the link to this rag-blog, else I would never be here. This character Proki-poo is the only SL resident I have on perpetual mute.

Three cheers for the lonely and evolved, intellectually-sophisticated middle ground where partisanship and internet psuedo-philosphers hold utterly no sway and earn no entry.

Oh, and thanks for the press-hit, Proki-poo. As they say, all press is good press, even if it comes in the form of tabloid-style slander.

Best wishes,

PS--pity I cannot bring myself to read the entire entry...I see a picture of my pal Pathfinder, who I think just pulled off an education fair, and I would sort of like to find that something nice was said about him...but I just cannot get myself to read that far into this tripe.

cat magellan


Jane2 McMahon

SLLU is a perfect example of why most people are moderate...who wants to be associated with the humour- and context-challenged fringe of either side?

On the other hand, SLLU can make Crap Mariner and GenJCChristian Homewood agree...so maybe they're humour- and context-challenged uniters!

Prokofy Neva

LifeFactory, you are nowhere remotely near the "radical middle", a ground I'm familiar with. You are a member of the Extropians -- I haven't figured out whether they are so left they are extreme right or just simply rightist -- but middle ground and moderate they are not. If you are anywhere near the SLLU, you've illustrated vividly that you are part of the Loony Left, and as I indicated, a meme-fashion victim as well labelling yourself as a "change agent" and all that other dreck. If you're *not* SLLU -- great! But...why the drilling and drilling on credentials and affiliations?

Your questions weren't journalistic fact-checking but suspicious annoyances. Anyone with a half-second to Google could see Irah's affiliations which she explains not only on her blog, but on the objects there at the inworld display. She works with an MEP who is critical of Iran and trying to be helpful with Iraq. So, nu? What's your beef?

If you've favorably appraised the Babel project, you seemed particularly keen at this meeting to wrest some kind of statement that Babel wasn't affiliated with this particular politician. Why does it matter?

Let me repeat my unanswered question from that meeting, LFW: do democratically elected politicians bother you for some reason?

Uh...The middle ground is lonely and bars people who criticize, and who demand some accountability even from sectarian weirdoos? Huh? That doesn't sound like the middle ground, that sounds like some isolated silo on the so-far-left-it's-right horizon.

As for "your friend Pathfinder," that says it all.

In SL, group affiliations and friendship cards -- they tell a lot, don't they? I believe I returned Pathfinder's friendship card. I was pre-banned from the Extropians' island before I had even heard about them or their crazy brain-uploading ideology -- and proud of it!

I don't see anything "tabloidy" or "slanderous" about reporting what you said at this meeting. Don't blame the mirror if you have a crooked face. Are you it's your brain, and not some lower being's brain, that will get to be preserved for all time?

Carl Metropolitan

A point of correction and apology. The session wasn't supposed to be "Carl Metropolitan on SL Education". It was supposed to the the "SL Education Council Roundtable". Unfortunately, I type fast and am hard to shut up. Looking at your report, I see that most likely stepped on the contributions of my panel-mates Morrigan Mathilde (of The School of Mischief) and ReverendMathias Merit (of Insight Virtual).

LifeFactory Writer

Book reviews for "The Radical Center"


Prokofy Neva

Carl, when you stumble on an event like this in SL, there isn't anything to "frame" it. There isn't a sign up that says "Here are the speakers and topic". The event, if it was on the Events list, is now no longer there, as the stupid Linden system dumps an event off the list sorted by type within 5 minutes of the start time, and you then have to resort by date, and then plough through numerous offerings sometimes and guess at what the title might be. This is a weekly annoyance for me doing the Sutherland Dam meetings.

The "feeling" for me was that it was an event at which you were speaking because you did a lot of the talking, but that it was very open enough to enable other people to chime in, too, like Morrigan, so I thought it was the sort of thing where backchat was welcome.

Even being on the sim for 30 minutes before that, and even with a good computer, much of the textures and build *still* weren't rezzing and there were so many avatars with their name tags blending together that I couldn't see anything, i.e. that there might be some sort of configuration that said "round table" by such a metaphor as "three people sitting up on a dais". Sorry, none of this is your fault, so you don't have to apologize.

SL has its pains and promises, as I struggled to relay here. I think your event was helpful to educationalists, which is what it was all about, I guess. I personally am very wary of all these consultants crawling all over trying to hawk crap. I just find it hugely annoying, because they aren't neutral as to the type of tools they sell, they have a decided ideology, and it more often than not leans towards the opensource technocommunist idealogy, which, as you know, I find a terrible shill, because all that means is that they force everyone by peer pressure to give away scripts, but they themselves get a consulting fee to show everyone how to work them.

You don't get a consulting fee. I don't either, although I try to make the rentals pay out over and above the cost of free land, so that I still get something even after covering the free land. It's a struggle. It's a different model, and it's not one that says "let's make everything free and pretend we're all selfless volunteers here building a better world".

When I first came to SL, I was happy to pay people to teach me skills. I could never find people to take me up on that, because they insisted not in being paid to give me a customized lesson, but forcing me to take part in their classes and join the whole opensource sandbox groupthink which I didn't want to do.

There is a difference, in my view, between community helping because you want to volunteer and you feel that providing free help and freebies is a necessary start in SL that is good for everybody, but which doesn't fight commerce or demand that everyone turn over their labour and IP, and a different philosophy, which says all scripts *must* be free and everyone has to be in a sandbox commune. I think you understand the difference.

Um, LifeFactory, I'm familiar with the concept and the books and articles around the "radical middle". I think now that anyone can see the transcript of some of your pestery questions and weirdness, we can conclude that either you have an ideological issue, or you simply have various personality tics where you have to overshare, overinvolve, pester, etc.

I'm glad I didn't respond to your request to provide a couch to sleep on or I might never get you off it, and I need it myself.

ichabod Antfarm

"Proki-poo is a bit of a simpleton,"

Follow the bouncing ball.

P R O K O F Y.

Wasn't that easy?

Give yourself another gold star.


Went there for one of the talks. On bots funnily enough. The bot kept crashing the user kept crashing heck i even counted more than 6 crashes of one of the LINDEN attendees.

Voice was all over the place, people kept lagging from one sim to the other. A tough talk to follow but an interesting one.

The talk after 'language lab' or something? It was some affiliate program promotion. The girl made a full on issue about putting down a chair to sit on before beginning she needed the chair for some reason.

Began her talk with 'why am i here to talk again?' and trust me it really didn't get better... She didn't even know her website. Oh em gee.

Liked the faire myself, was expecting more from the linden displays than an 'orientation island' thought the signs saying Education faire were very hard to read also.

Some of the resident displays were top notch. Definitely worth wading through the lag before it finishes.

Natty Cioc

Thank you for highlighting our booth and product. Its SmartPatrol, not Smart Profile.

Prokofy Neva

Thanks, Natty, that's an even more creepy name, then, and with even more creepy implications!

Yes, the Motherland should know its heroes!

Prokofy Neva

BTW, check out LifeFactory's machinima about Virtual Africa:

It's kinda cute. You may want to get an AI meerkat after visiting this sim, too.

However, my critique of this machinima is as follows: it reminds me too much of the sort of cutesie children's television approach to things, where a kind of overbearing, know-it-all adult trying to forcibly be whimsical, whom you suspect will actually break out in some irritability any minute, is framing a story that you are supposed to "benefit" from.

But...we're left wanting. Where is the woman who made this sim, Ms. Recreant? She is nowhere to be seen. All this attention is lavished on a pet, but not on the human being who made the sim.

And, what exactly is it this sim raises money *for*. What the hell is "social investment"? Sounds horribly politically correct. What is it? Investing in whom? With what? For what reason?

We never hear anything, and instead, we get the cliche of Africa: hippos in the water, sun, some guy dancing around singing who doesn't even look African (he seems accidental).

So sure, it succeeds like Blues Clues does as a kind of kid's adventure, but...what is behind the paper cutouts?

Nowadays, I'm sorry, it's just not enough to appear and say "I'm fabulous, I made a machinima, praise me, and Lindens, put me on Showcase I rock". No. There is SO much stuff out there now that you really have to go further. And the social demand, if we're going to be all social justicey about this now people, is simply more for a sim of this nature. Social investment, indeed!

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