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Melissa Yeuxdoux

Anything times zero is zero, so an increase from zero to one isn't a doubling of sales.

Ann Otoole

Well Prok... there are multiple levels of "The Game". Most don't even realize they are level twenties in a level 70 world.

Prokofy Neva

>Anything times zero is zero, so an increase from zero to one isn't a doubling of sales.

Often my blog contains tripwires that I can reliably count on somebody to trip on and behave exactly as predicted.

Sioban McMahon

I think you are right, that the sticker shock of the Homestead sims is subsiding, but it's being replaced by another shock.

Apparently, quite a few people who own sims that went from OS to Homestead in the conversion didn't read the fine print about avatar capacity. Daily now, I'm getting IM's from people who have performance venues or shopping malls on Homesteads who find out about the 20 cap the hard way.

Put a singer on stage, 3-4 staff around, send out notices and all of a sudden, the venue manager gets IM's from people telling him/her they can't get into the sim.

The folks who IM me about the 20 limit ask if our sims are having the same problem (we aren't, we traded in most of our OS for full sims) and they ask about a work around. There is none, except to move to a parcel on a full sim or mainland. Alternatively, they can pay the cost to upgrade to a full sim.

There is other issue, though. In addition to the new avatar capacity limits on the Homesteads, the USE of these sims was laid out clearly by the Lindens. They are supposed to be single residences, public lands, and the like. Not clubs.

I wonder if the Lindens will scan to enforce the new use policy for Homesteads, looking for sims that are hitting that 20 cap regularly. They may, though, allow the 20 cap to drive the clubs/venues out of business. As hard as it is to make money in a music venue in SL, it will be MUCH more difficult if you're attendance is held under 20 avatars.

A whole bunch more venues are going to close.

Ciaran Laval

I don't agree that the storm has struck, the storm is still brewing, we're almost in the calm before the storm, the weather man predicted it, people got excited and now that it hasn't struck people are getting a little bit complacent.

I very much believe, short term at least, that the webification will be bad for rentals. A SLX magic box only requires 1 prim.

With the residential market, for me at least, not being what it once was, a crash in the commercial market would be very damaging. Residential wise I'm getting far more interest in 512-1024 parcels than I am in 4096.

However it would be foolhardy in the extreme for Linden Lab to ignore the implications of a move from a tiered land system to a 1 prim only 2D marketplace. They could hit a very sticky wicket here.

Nytemyst Grace

I would like to add to this post about my poses from Secondlife. My username is Nytemyst Grace. I do NOT add anyone to my group, nor do I take money from anyone for poses which are not for sale anymore. If you paid my anything, more than likely it was returned to you. I do not sit and watch my email from Secondlife, so if I popped online, it was a rare instance, trust me. I have been online 5 times in the last year. Until something is done on LL side about the ripping off of items from the creators, this gal wont be putting anything else out. My husband in RL, Sitting Lightcloud, also is no longer in game due to the BS that went on and continues to do so. Anyway, just stumbled on this article and thought I should clear up a few misconceptions. If I am wrong, about our meeting in SL, please feel free to correct me. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Nytemyst Grace

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