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HatHead Rickenbacker

Explains why some of my tech-savvy SL friends, who are programmers, are pulling their hair out, don't know why things are so slow and are playing with all the preference settings in an effort to improve their experience.

Always gets me that the recommended way to optimize SL is to turn off its features.

Osprey Therian

psssst "dudgeon"

Dale Innis

I believe "no-push" just disables the llPushObject() function that lets a script apply force (to an AV or an object) from a distance, not the more "physical" pushing that happens when an AV or a physical object actually bumps into an AV; that's why this kind of attack can still happen on "no push" land.


For SL users' sake, I will just say that the only real way to speed up SL is to buy a faster processor and the EXACT variety of video card LL recommends. In my experience, SL has the bare minimum when it comes to video acceleration, so it will even run slower than games with graphics all the way up. These are client rendering issues, though, which have hardly a thing in common with network speed. Network lag causes you to suddenly bounce backward along your path or just fly of into infinite space. The time dilation 'slowdown' is the physics engine being bogged down. That is -not- the same as network lag, it's just causing the server to work harder on the physics so other things may be delayed. Sims only crash if the physics system is overloaded... which can range from minutes to mere seconds depending on scripting.

Ordinal Malaprop

There was no grid attack this Sunday at all. There is no "griefer group" capable of doing any such thing in the first place, let alone the "PN" who don't even really exist any more. All that happened was that it was Sunday.


Ordinal Malaprop,
The PN Are Very well Alive, and Have Been attacking SL Daily...
Where have you been?!?!?


HAHA dude, I just found this thing. Where the fuck did I supposedly publish this crazy fake story you speak of? Firstly, I am not gay. Secondly, having AIDS does not make a person gay. Thirdly, independent news sources have published stories about me contracting AIDS. Who the fuck is going to lie about getting AIDS? Oh yes, because it's so flattering. Stupid twat.

I do however, suggest you correct your statements lest you find yourself before a judge for libel. I am a public figure and you have published misinformation about me.

I have not been a PN member since late 2007. I have not griefed in god knows how long. I have not even contributed anything anonymously to the PN since April of 2008. I am not involved in your pathetic Second Life, or SL as a whole, and I have not been for quite some time because I'm too fucking busy DYING, you stupid fat fucking cow.

Don't believe me? See here:


And see: http://www.metrospirit.com

Front page, in print and on the web.

I can prove every single thing I wrote here so go ahead and call my bluff. L-I-B-E-L. And you can try and claim I'm some leet hacker who bombed your e-land once or twice in court if you want to. I'm the dying AIDS patient with documentation from my doctors who writes for a newspaper. I have way more credibility than your batshit insane ass and you can't definitively tie me to ANY attacks.

I did develop the weapon they attacked you with though. It's old as fuck. I'm surprised this is the first time you've seen it.
Anyways, you know my real name. Everyone does - including the FBI, who by the way, still doesn't give a shit. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.


On second thought, it's actually pretty funny now that I think of it. I take back what I said. You don't have to change or retract anything. All the crazy things that happen to you, eh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Prokofy Neva

Er, I won't be changing anything I've written, as I've written what I know to the best of my knowledge, with available information, without malice. In no way does this affect anyone's livlihood, and deadlycodec is a public figure.

I also simply do not believe the story about deadlycodec allegedly being ill with AIDs or dying or being gay or not being gay but still dying of AIDs. Simply do not believe. I don't care what factoids are fetched up, I don't care what local newspapers, threats, corroborations, etc. etc. are fetched up. No sale. See you in court.


P.S. I've proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that Pixeleen is Mark McCahill. So it really is sad, all of it.


Um, I AM deadlycodec. My real name, Joshua Adam McCracken, is irrevocably tied to the name deadlycodec.

The Metro Spirit, NORML, and myself have all published material about my disease. NORML is a national organization that backed medical marijuana laws in all 13 states where it is now legal. The organization has been the driving force behind these initiatives as well as legislation that is currently being pushed in multiple states as we speak. It is a national organization. I do not, however, represent them. I am simply saying that there is corroboration. Local or not, any publication in print (such as the Metro Spirit) is going to have more credibility than you and your blog (which has only a small fraction of the readers fyi). The fact that you seem to think you know better is awe inspiring. See, people can't just put things that aren't true in print. It simply isn't done because that kind of thing would damage a publication's credibility. I provided documentation on letterhead from my doctors at University hospital in Augusta, GA at the RVD program and I physically showed my editor a bottle of Atripla with my name on it, along with bottles of pain meds with my name on them. Atripla is used EXCLUSIVELY to treat AIDS. It is an antiretroviral medication. I always submit corroborating evidence along with my stories to any publication for which I write.

The issue is that you're claiming that I am still currently engaged in unethical (and maybe technically illegal, but without legal precedent for prosecution) behavior while I am pretty much on my deathbed. You are doing so with no evidence whatsoever. That is the issue.

If you consulted your lawyer, and linked him to what I've written, then he'd tell you (like any sane person would) that I'm probably telling the truth and that this is libel. Why? Because I am telling the truth. Because it's too absurd to make up. Is it ironic that a former PN member contracted AIDS? Yes, absolutely. Some PN members might say I got it from Second Life, you know, since we always used to joke about SL having AIDS, as the meme goes. Haha!

I've given you all the corroboration I can without physically handing you proof. Let's face it, I doubt you'd want that so we won't go there.

Why are you so convinced that anyone who was a griefer in Second Life is evil to the core? Do you think every PN member is going to continue griefing until they're in their 60's or 70's, for those of us that live that long? The idea is absurd. Face it, I moved on. It's not like I harassed you all that much anyway, so why you're so deadset on this is beyond me. I am human and anyone who really knows me will tell you that I'm most certainly not evil to the core. Rebellious? Yes. Obnoxious at times? Absolutely. There is a person behind the persona though.


Look at the comments on my wall on facebook. How many people on there shaking their fist at me, telling the world how evil I am? None.

Alyx Stoklitsky

Christ, you're all still arguing about this?

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