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Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Good article, Prok. If there's a meeting of the old hub builders, I'll be there.

Lyden Marikh has been a problem at the Hyles hub, too, but he's not nearly as frustrating as my inability to update or even repair content (like plants that mysteriously moved on their own) without having to nag Torley for help.

I already explained last time this topic came up that I volunteered to work on the hub near my home, but LL shut that one down and asked me if I'd help out in Hyles instead. But you can go on characterizing me as a lean, mean FIC business machine if you like . . . you polish my resume more than I do.

Anyway, I agree that it's time to update the hubs, with more organized planning this time around.

Desmond Shang

Prok, I absolutely think you and others should try for having a gateway; I think you would do a great job. But why not at Ravenglass itself? Fighting for sufficient control of an infohub sounds like a losing battle.

>>In fact, with this program to get the Linden-sponsored newbie stream thrown their way, Desmond and Carl *are* eaten by LL, even though I didn't think they could be.

I just have to respond, because you can't pass up such a good setup line:


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