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Seeing Calyle Linden's post in the announcments was interesting.

Stopping USD sales. Disney TM infringed materials and similar can be sold by Linden Lab for non existant linden money with little or no qualms.

USD sales...EEEK! Wise move on the Linden's behalf but i'd have rather seen the items removed completely.

Vryl Valkyrie

First of all, I just want to thank you for your post and say that I agree with you 100%.

As for Xstreet SL, even though it is or was a great service and still is as far as I am concerned, the Xstreet SL forums were not moderated equally, without and bias. That was a big problem. Lots were perma banned who maybe should not have been, whilst others who should have been were not banned at all. I hate that kind of hypocrisy.

Ewan Mureaux

tl:dr, will post pics and chat logs if you want to show you are talking even more bullshit than normal and this time it can be proven.

Your eternal friend,

Ewan Mureaux

Ewan Mureaux

Here you go screwball, check the pics of your "identical" sign.


Ewan Mureaux

Kinda strange the link to all the facts about this including pics seems to have just vanished. Must be a typepad error or something. Here is the link again so people can read the unedited facts and make up their own minds.


Or they can just click my name and go right there.

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