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Surarin Piek

You claim to be against undue appropriation and sharing by default, but you borrow unattributed pictures at the head of every column. Am I missing some nuance? Is compromising creators okay once a freeloader wins a legislative battle and passes bad law?

ichabod Antfarm

"and nearly resorted to "crowdsourcing" (shudder)."

Rather than telling people to make their "own damn lists" which is very hard, requires originality and maybe even some reading, why don't you announce a new, highly innovative product named... let me think creatively here for a second... yes, call it, OpenFIC. An OpenFIC would be a great boon to the proprietary FIC product as you could eliminate anyone listed in OpenFIC (or contributing to it!) from ever entering the official distribution - a kind of filter allowing non-entities to self-select themselves for non-inclusion.

Hey, IBM does it!

Prokofy Neva

It's stupid to lie, Surarin, because anyone can check your lies. Every picture that I use I attribute in a line undearneath the picture, where I link to its source if there is one. Scroll down through my past columns and that's readily visible.

If *this* picture here on this FIC story doesn't have an attribution or source, it's merely because it's some old picture that's been around for awhile and I don't have its attribution. Um, do you? Or are you just being a fucking asshole? If anybody *does* have any missing attribution, they can supply it.

Prokofy Neva

ichabod, but then you wouldn't be ale to condemn Dale Innis, which is necessary and vital.

Darien Caldwell

"(as Lenin said, two steps forward, one step backwards...)"

Wasn't that Paula Abdul?

I'm confused about your noosphere list. You say it's Atlas-like world-holding-up people, but then it's populated with people who haven't even logged into SL for years. Exactly how are they working to hold the world up?

Ciaran Laval? Many have estates bigger than hers. It seems to me the Noosphere list reads more like a list of people you like/admire rather than people who are actively holding up the world.

The rest I can't really argue with, seems pretty accurate.

Prokofy Neva

Who are the people who you think haven't logged in, in years on the Noosphwere list? I don't see any. They all log in as far as I know, or they'd be on FIC 1.0.

Ciaran Laval is actually somebody I don't like -- it's he, not she I think. But he persistently blogs on the bread and potato issues, holding the Lindens' feet to the fire and informing the community. He gets it wrong and is a dickwad a good deal of the time, but he still plays an important role. His blog also had the best headline of the year, but I forget what it is now.

Yes, these lists are people I like or hate. Thanks. Make your own!

Chris Norse

Meh, just a list by a bitter hasbeen.


R.I.P. Glamor(ous) Mole


! I made it , I made it! *big grin*

Prokofy Neva

Well, I thought about deleting Glam Mole because he was a "former," but then I recalled that I have left Eric Linden on the 1.0 list for ages because his objects (the trees and roads) persist inworld to this day. So I thought I'd leave Glam on. There may be others like that.

Prokofy Neva

@Chris Norse and you are...?

Sorry you didn't make it this year. Try Twittering.

Prokofy Neva

Crap raises the issue, with his own FIC/Noosphere partnership, whether another FIC/Noosphere partnership, Zha Ewry (Noosphere) and Chestnut Rau (wannabe FIC) could have gone on.

Well, partnership does not get you on the list. I hovered over including Chest-nut, but...she was a tad underproducing on her own blog. To be sure, she does have sturdy FIC credentials on Hamlet's flog blog putting in the picks of the week. Quite the influential position. I could be persuaded on this one.

Prokofy Neva

If partnership got you on the list, why that idiot racist PN partner of Tizzers named something like DarthVederNegroCumminSoon Fuquetard would get on the list.

ichabod Antfarm

The person missing from the Nooshpere list is Prok himself and I don't say that to kiss ass. I say it because I believe that much of the intellectual framework many of us have adopted trying to understand Second Life can be attributed to our host (through agreement, disagreement, or both). The FIC theory is a prime example. Love it or hate it, agree with it or not, the FIC theory is one of our primary critical concepts... and, for some people,... it isn't.

I am making my own damn list!

Gabby Panacek

Wasn't there an FIC 2.5?

I'm confused by its omission.

Prokofy Neva

2.5 was so last year.

Surarin Piek

So I've got half a dozen MP3s I can't identify. It's alright to post those to the net too? Ignorance of the license is an excuse?

I'm so happy to help with this one case though: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2009/05/kicking-the-football.html

The attribution you couldn't find was Charles Schultz. That's from a cartoon called Peanuts. The image is owned by King Features Syndicate. Their reprint policy is: Don't.

We were talking about this on IRC. It took just a few seconds to find half a dozen glaring omissions. Crowdsourcing. We went exploring and your tenant homes are intellectual property graveyards too.

We notice copied textures on donuts and vents also.

But I guess your rules are for other people. Not you.

Surarin Piek

In on this thread before Prokofy finds some single exception to one point and pretends she's refuted a whole post.

Robert Bloomfield

People always have the right to determine the pronunciation of their own names (it's SotomayOR because she says so). But I am not sure the courtesy extends to coined acronyms, especially when your proposed pronunciation (FIC rhymes with 'bike'?) conflicts with the spelling of the acronym itself (Bic, sic, tic) and with the pronunciation of the words being abbreviated--Feted Inner Core, not the Feted Eye-ner Core.

That said, I heartily approve of your placing Wiz Nordberg in the noosphere, where he rightly belongs. He and his colleagues at Treet (Texas Timtam, Starr Sonic) are some of the best of Second Life.

Lum Lumley

Today I learned that Vladimir Lenin and Paula Abdul are the same person.

It was a good day.

Vivianne Draper


I've insulted you. I've hung out with damned near everyone on every iteration of every FIC list. I've talked about you not only behind your back but in front of your back and to your face. I have even, *gasp*, posted about you.

But still I remain unlisted.

Where is the love Prokofy!?? Where is the love I ask you? I need to be included on these lists. FFS I'm on Encore's list -- I should be on yours. In color.

That is all.

Prokofy Neva


Are you a fucking *retard*?

Your dear friend (or main) Vryl Valkerie's Vents are allowed to be copied and sold. It says so on the library license. Read it. And fuck off.

Um, the donut texture is....drumroll...made out of...sand in the Library. ROFL. The library textures are open to be used and copied and sold.

I have not stolen or used anyone's content without their permission.

If you think this is the case, please present the facts, as you have not done that yet.

This picture of some flappers, like many other similar unattributed, old and public domain drawings you can find of this nature on Google (go look) isn't something that, to my knowledge, has been stolen. If you have facts, please present them and cease being an asshole.

I haven't heard from the Charles Schultz estate on the matter of this very widely copied picture, but when I do, I'm happy to take down anything that infringes.

I don't see any half dozen examples of copy violations. Are you always such obsessed fucktards on the IRC channel? But you goons on the IRC channel are copyleftists, and you care nothing about copyright. I do. I give credit where it is due.

If my tenant homes are intellectual property "graveyards," you can take that matter up with...them. Not me. As they are not my objects. But I'm not aware of any.

Sounds like you are simply trying to find something to harass me with, but so far, it hasn't worked. When it works, I guess you'll know. Sorry I can't give satisfaction until them. If there is some picture that isn't attributed, it's not some deliberate intention to steal or fail to credit, and any credits that come in or requests to take down some item are cheerfully fulfilled.

Trolling and harassment efforts by fucktards like yourself, however, are viciously repelled : )

Prokofy Neva

Vivianne Draper. Um...Vivianne Draper. Let me think. Could you remind me again what you insulted me about?

If I can't recall who you are, I can't put you on the list, obviously.

Prokofy Neva

Oh! I see the problem with Surarin Piek who I'd never heard of before.

Could be mangina material. They often are.

A fashionista, yet one that plies the IRC channel. Hmmm.

What a retarded little loser. I guess it's sour grapes at not being even on 2.13 list lol

Prokofy Neva


Let me help you with this.

Lenin actually said "odin shag vperyod, dva shaga nazad," -- one steps forward, two steps back.

I messed that up in my post but you get the idea. Moving in place.

Paul Abdul, however, said "Two steps foward, two steps back".


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