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umm... this is not a new idea. not angling at the russian one. there used to be a porn centric site like that once upon a time i stumbled into one day and was morbidly fascinated at how stupid people are. People are more stupid now. everyone wanting to get 15 minutes and vie for the next reality star or comedian. The result is stupid shit recorded on video and spread on the internet that will ruin their lives forever. like the dumbass wannabee stripper that fell off the pole and injured herself. smooth move. if she ever has kids they will be proud.

good. dumbasses need to be kept out of the money gene pool.

Mr T

Well at least they can see who they're "talking" to!. It's not as creepy as Second Life where people are trying to hook up through avatars that are controlled by god knows what..

Darien Caldwell

Some people have found some amusing uses for it:


cube inada

camming : 3-4th loop.

1. NETMEETING-owned by Microsoft.late 90s. shut down "quietly" when its servers werent used for "business meetings" but for sex caming.

2. forget name of big startup from sf---- others-- the 2003 STICKAM--never could get advertisiers....why-- uh teen sex.

3. Stikam-- current site dejour.. no need to explain what its used for and by who:)

I had dabbled in the cam biz in 1998-2000. had R rated like site...got porn advertisers only..they never paid anyway.all a pyramid banner scam--killed it off.

so russian money is gonna fund this stuff now? well they already own the porn biz online... USER GENERATED....duh web 2.0 gotta luv free enterprise global style.

logans run... orwell... school districts in PA.. all dsytopias made banal.


Yet another tech thing to exploit children.

I'm starting to see a pattern here and it isn't good.

cube inada


30 somewhat years ago.
Deregulation of childrens television. The commerical and the content became one. CABLE TV followed- Children as target demo for mass advertising 24/7

30 somewhat years ago. Credit Cards- VIRUALIZATION of MONEY- began flooding colleges and the 18 set.

20 years ago- Chris Whittle- TVONE. The end of public education and parents/taxes/community to raise a community.

Didnt they just Fire an entire schools staff in NH a day ago?..Privatize with Apple i guess..

but then those were Apple computers playing big brother in PA, eh? 1984 commmercial as parody of IBM, or smoke screen for that "education" computer called the Apple..?

again, why i laugh at AI extropians who look forward to the overlords of machines they raised.

"Jonny v.5 , put down that knife...." lol

yes, some folks raise good younguns...but it was never the state in the US to worry about, it was the avatar, the mask as norm. Corporate beings.

Hopefully SL showed it clearly...

The mask as Offensive weapon and the norm is the reality. The hiding hippies rebirthed in tech won the media battle, but lost the civic war.

Lucas Valley Road IS in Marin..:)


Of course Cube.

But this particular service and ones like it, are trying to bank on pretty young people being really stupid so dirty old pervs can get cheap titillation.

Then again this is nothing new, we are the country that gave birth to Evelyn Nesbitt, the exploited Gibson child. Its just that what was under the radar is now in your face. Its always been wrong and no one complained. And now that it is obvious, no one is complaining. And the ones who do...are accused of being in a "moral panic".

How can this be stopped? Especially since it makes a lot of people in many industries very rich.

Darien Caldwell

Nobody is getting rich off chatroulette, and never will.

It's a really bad concept, that apparently some 17 year old put together (which is 100% possible). And I mean bad as in lame and going nowhere, rather than evil.

It's pretty much a given that people will use any communication medium for sex. I'd like to see an example of where they are targeting children specifically. Otherwise, yes, I have to say some people are grasping at straws here. It's no more (or less) prone to abuse than SL, the Telephone, Email, Facebook, Myspace, AIM, MSN, Skype, or "insert your favorite communication medium here".

cube inada

we never had MEDIA education during the reign of TV....

without it during the Reign of Meta..

we cant stop it.

weve got opportunists sayings Games will save the world.... and opportunists zynging kids at every corner....

kidss need information not sold to them...but then again... Pepsi serves those lunches....

no more baggies from home.

need checks/ needs balances/ needs parents ABLE to spend time raising kids.

been a rough accelerated 30 years... and virtuality is just starting in earnest.

Darien Caldwell

This has obviously started an internet revolution. Once advertisers get wind, the money will roll in.


I mean, the tie-ins to popular TV shows alone are worth millions. *smirks*

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