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Inara Pey

Got to say... I'm curious as to your issue with the Edit box / palette.

I've been using both official and 3rd party Viewers for years, never encountered the problem. Admittedly, I build a lot more than you (I'm guessing), so, possibly difference in Preferences settings?

As to Search, I summed it up in three words while reviewing V 2.0: "Ugh, Ugh, UGH!"

As to chat...see immediately above....

Ciaran Laval

Search is cack, so is the way classifieds and picks are buried, indeed my day to day functionality is up a certain creek without much of a paddle but I've been blindsided by the shiny stuff and I'm still trying to weigh up if the shiny stuff neutralises the cack.

Prokofy Neva

You're despicable Ciaran.

Your day to day functionality is up shit's creek and you can't tear your eyes from...what? Googledocs on a prim? Like...hello?

Ace Albion

One of the first things I did was enable plain chat text history in the preferences. That clears up the chat to how it all used to look.

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