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WoW experiments the most with collectivizing game experiences. And it causes major upheavals in it's social structure. These are allowed because they rely on forum bullies to whip the protesters into submission. After awhile its worthless to fight, and the changes stay.

This never bites WoW because they are the most popular and the most profitable. And that worries me. Because its training a large group of kids to keep their mouths shut and go along with the mobs.

I think SL is one of the few VRs that people still have some pep. Perhaps that is because we are older-late 20's and up.

cube inada

both raphs are daniels "diaries" :
its like watching "dr. drews celebrity rehab on vh1"...

the titles "virtual worlds dead" will RSS bounce and confuse and grow the trained kittens who write more tech blogs, and feed more of the machine of google ad links.

thus a medium is again forced into the next hype cycle, to be reborn again, by the next kids who write about something of their day, without any ability or desire for any human context offered.

BTW- What world did we ever live in were games/toys "were the mass value"... oh yeah the one when we all were 6.- truly childlike has been replaced by childish as the binary gross monetization of pop "feeling" psychologies are unleashed on the globe as love machines and theories of fun. Decorated in "clown art" and "cute farm animals"

the only context the cha-ching. the daily blog. the white noise. and the machines hum over the peoples heartbeats.

eek way to sappy...forget that last line... need more coffee.

really, that one big word... of laniers... its really forming.

@#&^$%&*^$&((! cube

Aminom Marvin

Sherlock: I have customers and other creators in mind, not only myself. I lobbied extensively for oblong sculpts in the first place, even though before them, I had a near-monopoly on very complex, efficient sculpts. Oblongs came about, and everyone benefited; I was able to do the things I did before better, quicker and more easily (and so could less experienced users), but could also explore new techniques as well.

Another feature I'm lobbying for currently is using the alpha channel for single-axis UV mapping, or V mapping. Right now, a lot of my work involves sculpting in precise ways to use SL's texture repeats to get some of the same capability as UV mapping. On complex sculpts this is very difficult to do. V mapping would make it so anyone could do it, it could be integrated into primstar and other applications, and give even more power and efficiency. It would be almost as good as full-blown UV mapping, but without increasing asset size. It's the texture equivalent of oblongs. Here's the JIRA: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-16869

The reason why Emerald's LOD is toxic is because it doesn't allow a user to fully experience how the product will perform in the main client, and LOD is a huge consideration with a sculpt. At my store, I have nearly every product rezzed exactly for this reason: so the user knows fully what to expect before purchase.

LL already solved the problem with Viewer 2. It has smart LOD, unlike Emerald, which is a forced, inflexible hack that needlessly creates lag. Above a certain size, sculpts have no LOD; below that size, they function normally. On high object detail settings, it is around 2.5 meters, for medium 5 meters, and for lower, it is around 8. This accommodates users with various hardware capabilities. Because it is in what will become the main client, it will be a standard that can be designed for.

Aminom Marvin

whoopse, posted in the wrong entry. Please ignore/delete the above comment.

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