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Amanda Dallin

Well only you can vouch for the accuracy but it seems to be a mostly neutral and fact based. That's probably probably what HunsV doesn't like about it. It's not a parody of made up garbage. It could use some cleaning up but then most o Wikipedia could used some cleaning up.

brinda Allen

=^..^= Someone had way too much spare time me thinks

Prokofy Neva

Um, Amanda, a Wikipedia entry that singles out...a Soviet fetish commuter college griefing group out of a career of a person who has met with four U.S. presidents and one Russian president, testified in Congress, translated several dozen books, including most of the Soviet Politburo, Lenin and Stalin, and who was with the first NYT correspondent to get into the Soviet GULAG as a translator, well, not to mention 100 other things I've done, like been the first Westerner to visit a Soviet psychiatric hospital undetected, well, whatever. It's also very out of date. However, it's not my job to help people stalk and harass me better.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Linus Pauling spent the last part of his life under the delusion that megadoses of vitamin C would cure just about anything. Isaac Newton spent a lot of time trying to make the Pope's name add up to 666. Brian Josephson is among the latest, but certainly not the first (vide William Crookes) and, alas, almost certainly won't be the last great scientist to fall for parapsychologial BS.

In brief, there's copious evidence that even the best of us can do admirable work in one field while being totally off their rocker in another.

Prokofy Neva

No, Melissa. Criticism of the opensource movement isn't the delusion; the opensource ideology itself is the delusion, that you can get something out of nothing.

So the analogy to Linus Pauling isn't me criticizing the wacky theories like the vitamin C or 666, it's Mitch Kapor becoming famous for the business invention of Lotus 1-2-3 which was a commercial operation enriching him and others, yet then becoming enamored of the opensource chimera and wasting millions on supporting Creative Commons, Electric Frontier Foundation, and of course Mozilla/Firefox, and stumping endlessly on Twitter, if no longer on his defunct blog, about the joys of giving other people's property away along with your own. So I'm not the loon here, these guys are.

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