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cube inada

funny, fat and frivolous...

at least virtuality can "help" one of em.

Henry James?
yuch. hated his writings in HS as much as the SL soap opera blog postings...;)

FAST EASY FUN from a PR and BK.?

cant even make this stuff up.

ok. so maybe virtuality can be funny.

Ann Otoole InSL

IBLs prok. IBLs. It is all about the google. That's the "win" lol.

When I start writing fashion reviews can I piss you off and get some free IBLs too?


Skylar Smythe

You share nothing about yourself Prok. It must intimidate you to see that some people are willing to share their lives intimately.

And you have the choice to read or not read. You also have the choice to fill your blog with informative intelligent schtuff... instead of attempts at notoriety through being a bitter cynic.

Is this really who you are? A joyless creature post Woodbury? When I see you in action it becomes hard to have empathy... very hard.


Prokofy Neva

Yes, I don't mind IBLs at all for even enemies. It's all part of the Internet ethods. I won't supply them for the Herald, however, that's the one exception.

Prokofy Neva

Um, share nothing about myself? Huh? Why am I required to "share"? About what? It hardly intimidates me to read somebody's overshare about their diet -- I find it just an example of overshare -- and an example of some kind of psychic disturbance, as I've said before.

Notoriety from being a bitter cynic lol? What's the bug up YOUR ass Skylar?

No one requires you to read my blog or show me empathy. If you're unhappy, move along. I'm not going to be changing anything I do.

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