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Ann Otoole InSL

Arabella's blog is still covering fashion and it looks like it is SL stuff. No mention of inworldz. Guess LL should have got off ass and let the police deal with them if LL wanted them out.

Only bullets or prison bars stop hackers, or rather crackers as the hacker world calls these sort of people. LL needs to come to grips with the reality they are going to have to clean their own house, get rid of all the anti trust stuff going on, and then go fully suit corporate and deal with the nutjobs properly. Or fade into oblivion under relentless attack from all quarters. Hell the pervoverse place is slinging mud at LL now with glee after hiring the crackers to redo their noob friendly viewer.

Belaya Statosky

I actually just tried going in-world to buy your cookies and it didn't seem like they were set for sale. :(

(It's a secret, shh: The only reason I suggested we use that head sculpture is actually because out of everyone setting up the party? -- None of us actually had a lava texture. Ooops!)

Prokofy Neva


I thought you'd be smoked out here to cry indignantly that you aren't a griefer and never support griefers, but I see that in fact you confirmed that you are a griefer and support griefers. Thanks for sharing!

I'll fix the price.

cube inada

saw this today...

stories, storyboxes, virtuality, the web...

i was struck by the obviousnous of one line in the article...

"The fiery suicide was a reminder that, for all the public interaction in New York City, much of life here plays out in small rooms behind locked doors. "

nyc IS the internet... it is a living world of avatars and virtualities that then go behind locked doors every night...so no surprise it think that those ive known over the 30 net years... who are from NYC seem to always GET its true media face, so mcuh better than those who just code it from the west...i rcently cought up again to NYC by the streaming on MNN public access shows... which of course were the youtube channels for 30 years plus in the web of NYC... i even met with CBS and others in the 90s to tell them that BE TV was coming...and that people would be making thier rants public as fame makers.. and would PAY to do so... they laughed in 1993 saying WHO WOULD do that?....lol well tell that to google/facebook...

anyhow.. a realife NEMOID III or Caledonian living on BLUE Mars left a realife trail... to a small burnt out POD in brooklyn.

why dont i see any of the meta stuff as new...?''

Prokofy Neva

Yes, I saw that article, too, and I wondered if the guy was living the grand life in Caledon but it didn't mention SL, he was more involved in Sci-Fi sites and writing stories, although in recent years he seemed to grow more paranoid and less productive and even abusive -- there was the awful tale of him enslaving and abusing his neighbor.

I'm haunted by the story of the daughter of the U.S. ambassador to Thailand. She is a drunken party girl after going to the best schools...slated to go to Parsons...she writes on her Facebook "losing track of the rounds...it's all a blur" -- and then drunk, at 4:00 in the morning, she leans out of a window or steps out on to a ledge to take a photograph of the Empire State Building apparently, then plunges 25 storeys to her death, her camera found beside her. Only 17. And with Barnes & Nobles carrying six best selling books about women drunks making a career of selling their drunk memoirs, and with Facebook amplifying and extending the drunken life's allure and the drunk's boasts, is it any wonder? The father is mentioned in all the stories, the mother isn't...

So tragic and seemingly so preventable, and yet, not...

cube inada

i had found the story from a facebook post from an old NYC friend who says he knew the guy -online and possibley in person prior to the www. that friend left NYC after 9/11 as many did.. its interestign that thi story emerged on the 10 year anniversay of the event.. which continues to loop on tv and as the kennedy zupruda film did before... has now imo redefinded a culture via a medium--- film.-video - story narratives.

the neighbors attack story was the "odd man out" part of the story...although if part of the downward spiraling this individual couldnt prevent it would fit.

reality gives ones body stiff kicks to the ass once in a while to keep it "surviving"...evolution set that in place, and it takes alot of "human choice" to finally ignore real pain....

but virtuality is a new beast for most, and since it was mainly a tool for monetizations via electronic systms and machines, and drove our post post war economy sone about 1970ish, no on wanted to look to close at the emporers clothing, especially since you got paid to weave it...:)

will the user gen "generation" finally be able to deconstruct the medium they live in?... or will they be trapped in its reality? I guess this is the question that interests me most...its not storybox.. and i guess others will get that when DUSAN finally does...lol;)

the previous generation -that froggy was part of as well- never really got to that place either.. that place where many SL pundits still live, unable or unwilling to seperate the tool from the medium....

I caught ANNIE HALL on tv a night or so ago...it was odd watching a NYC from a time not so long ago...lets call it up to 1985.

that seems so long ago now... and oddly i saw some photos posted by that friend today on facebook of the towers from the famous brooklyn view he took in 85....and strangley enough the first thought i had was the images from JJ abrams fringe tv show.... where the towers standing represent an alternate reality world.

not unlike the "back and to the left" of oliver stones remake of the zapruder film. or maybe jj abrams remake of the other famous previous generations rosetta stone, star trek...:)

any how, we dont have marshall mcluhan to rebuke my ideas and show up in the movie line, here..online....:)

Belaya Statosky

Prokofy, you can label me a griefer all you want, but that doesn't make it true. I've never crashed anyone, I've never killed a chicken, I've never obsessively followed you, the worst I've done is I bought you at auction and threw a party on your land once. Oh and threw a party with your head but it was mostly about Emerald.

I know griefers showed up at the Emerald party. I also don't care because they were well behaved until it was over. That in itself does not mean a thing. Heck I even booted all the idiots out of that Scientology parody group after you reported that it was filled with idiots, which was news to me but not surprising.

Anyway, glad to know I've been added to the No-Fly list. I'll be by to purchase a cookie later.

Eloquent Sideways

Wow, Belaya involved in griefing groups? Color me surprised. From W-hat, to V5, to PN/Woodbury, to whatever it is today, Belaya is always in on it.

Hell, before that, she had a history of griefing furry MUCKS and such.

But hey, when you eSex the admins/staff of a game, you get protection. Proof here.

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